Well-groomed, beautiful nails, greatly influence a woman’s self-esteem and builds her confidence. 

When it comes to your nails –

The Bio Sculpture Gel System can be used to lengthen the natural nail, build Upper Arch support, Re-enforce the natural nail, build extended Gel Nail Sculptures, do Silk Repairs and create beautiful flat and 3D nail art – including hand painting with Gel and more.


Bio Sculpture Gel, the proven leader in all categories:
* Appearance * Health * Durability * Simplicity * Ease of removal

Just like skin and hair, our nails are unique and should be treated according to their individual condition and type. Bio Sculpture is the only nail care system to offer Gel treatments that specifically match your nails, ensuring a long lasting, healthy result that suits you and your lifestyle.

Bio Sculpture Gel has a tailored nail care solution suitable for ANY NAIL TYPE. In order to provide the correct treatment, it is important for the professional manicurist understand nail terminology, nail types and conditions, the client’s lifestyle and activities, master application techniques and much more – therefore, training and education is key.

Bio Sculpture Gel is the only nail care system where knowledge gained during training can be implemented by equipping the nail technician with a complete spectrum of appropriate Gels in order to treat any nail type and non-medical condition successfully.


The internationally recognized Bio Sculpture Gel certification is a testament to our proud, skillful, and competent Professional Nail Technicians. Bio Sculpture Gel has achieved training excellence through the use of a classroom environment, enabling students to learn first hand: HEARING | SEEING | TOUCHING


What you will learn:

Natural Nail Preparations (The art of not overfiling)
Product knowledge and principles of Bio Sculpture Gel and application
Brush and Gel control
Bio & EVO2 Overlays: Application of Clear, Color and French overlays
Gel Fills: Clear, Color and French gel fills and color change fills
Nail Repairs: Natural Nail Repairs
Sculpted Gel Nails
Buffing/Filing Techniques - the importance of NOT overfiling
Gel Soak Off and Home After Care
Troubleshooting/Problem Solving

Melanie Visser
Bio Sculpture USA Head of Education and Training. Licensed manicurist based in California. Highly qualified in all aspects of Bio Sculpture Gel, as well as Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Art and 3-D Nail Art. She has been teaching Bio Sculpture Gel all over the country for the last 15 years. Featured on Good Morning America and KTLA Live, where she has demonstrated the capabilities and advantages of a Bio Sculpture Gel manicure and pedicure. 

COST: $250.20 (Pro Starter Kit included)

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: With your purchase and registration in the Bio Bootcamp Certification Class you will receive a Basic Professional Starter Kit and training for one technicain. * A second technicians from the same salon can work out of one Starter Kit for an additional $79.00 training fee.

Bio Sculpture Basic Pro. Starter Kit

Bio Sculpture Basic Pro. Starter Kit includes:
Clear Gel - 10g./.34oz | Sculpting Gel - 4g./.14oz S-Gel - 4g./.14oz | UV-Gel Coat - 4g/.14oz. | Color Gel #1 (French White) - 4g./.14oz. | Color Gel #19 [Pillar Box (Red)] - 4g./.14oz. | Gel Brush (#4 flat sable hair) | BSG Cleanser (Polish Remover) - 112ml/4fl.oz | BSG Sanitizer - 112ml/4fl.oz | BSG Soak Off (Gel Remover) - 112ml/4fl.oz | Spray Pumps (2) | Color Polish #19 - 10ml/.34fl.oz | Cuticle Softener/Remover - 10ml/.34fl.oz | Vitamin Dose – 10ml/.34fl.oz | Nail Brush | Small Multi Clipper | Lint free Nail Wipes (200) | Silk Strip (7" sample) | Extension Paper Forms (10 samples) | Wooden Orange Stick | File Patch Black (2 samples) – 240 grit | File Patch White (2 samples) – 180 grit | File Patch Blue (2 samples) – 100 grit | Gray Buffer – 240 grit | Thin Black Beauty File (1 sample) – 180 grit | Bio Sculpture Training Manual| Bio Sculpture Boot Camp Training Class for one





As the LEADER IN HEALTHY NAIL CARE, not only has Bio Sculpture Gel been winning multiple international awards over the years, the system continuously produces award winning nail technicians all over the world.


Bio Sculpture Gel is the only nail system with a 5 STAR SAFETY RATING, offering over 170 UV/LED curable colors available that soak off easily, leaving the natural nail healthy and undamaged.

Bio Sculpture Gel has a variety of different Treatment Gels that will protect and enhance natural nails, including a high viscosity Base Gel, a variety of Strengthening Gels, Sculpting Gels and Building Gels. Gloss Gel is a scratch resistant, high-gloss final layer to finish all Gel treatments.

With Bio Sculpture Clear/Base Gel and Soft Gels applied to the natural free edge, brittle/flaky nails can be restored. Ripped or split nails can be repaired by securing the tear with silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel, followed by a Gel overlay of choice.Short and broken nails can easily be lengthened to strong, natural looking nails by using a nail form and Free-Edge Gel.

A flat, scooped or corrugated nail surface can be corrected by using the appropriate Bio Sculpture Strengthening Gel to build a perfect Upper Arch.

Even severely bitten nails can be lengthened successfully by using silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel on a Nail Form, followed by a Gel overlay of choice.

Strengthening weak nails or supporting long nails (depending on nail analysis), can be done by building an Upper Arch or applying a layer of the appropriate Bio Sculpture Strengthening Gel for a durable, yet flexible end result.









Even severely bitten nails can be lengthened successfully by using silk and Bio Sculpture Base Gel on a Nail Form, followed by a Gel overlay of choice.

Strengthening weak nails or supporting long nails (depending on nail analysis), can be done by building an Upper Arch or applying a layer of the appropriate Bio Sculpture Strengthening Gel for a durable, yet flexible end result.


Bio Sculpture Gel has more than 180 Gel Colors which is catagorised into an  A Nail Color Range, and an E Nail Color Range that has matching Nail Polish Colors. The addition of more than 50 EVO2 Polish Gel Colors once options are endless! These ranges comprise of Color and French Gels that add 99% natural nail strength, flexibility and permanent color to the natural nail.


Besides our regular Bio Boot Camp classes, we also offer Advanced Training, as well as Nail Art classes, for the more experienced Bio Sculpture Gel Nail technician.

A course in Bio Sculpture Nail Art promises to open doors to creativity, innovation and originality in the world of nails and fashion. The techniques learned through hand-painting with Bio Sculpture Gel will add great value to your work as a professional, and open up endless  possibilities for your career.


Award Winning Leading Nail Care, The ONLY nail system with a 5 STAR SAFETY RATING. 

Bio Sculpture Gel is an all-in-one nail system that strengthens and protects the natural nail and is free of any harmful chemicals. Bio Sculpture Gel is a tailored nail care solution suitable for ANY NAIL TYPE to lengthen, shape, correct and repair the natural nail. UV & LED color that lasts for weeks can be easily soaked off, leaving the natural nail healthy and undamaged.

Bio Sculpture Gel is the original soak-able permanent color gel nail system.  
Our fully comprehensive, award winning nail care system is used by Professional Manicurists all over the world.
Bio Sculpture Gel is 10-FREE (free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, TTP, Sulfate, Parabins, Xylene), is strictly animal cruelty FREE and 100% VEGAN.

Bio Sculpture Gel has over 185 color gels with new seasonal color collections inspired by the latest in fashion trends introduced at least twice a year.

The high standard of Bio Sculpture Gel's comprehensive nail training and ongoing support produces award-winning nail technicians worldwide.


Monday, July 1, 2019
From 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM (EDT)

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Gatlinburg Convention Center
Classroom #2
234 Historic Nature Trail
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

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Melanie Visser (Head of Education) 
Bio Sculpture USA presents Bio Sculpture Gel Nail System & EVO2 Polish Gel Soak Off Nail Systems 
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Have you ever dreamed of an everlasting manicure to offer your clients? You  just found your  answer. Bio Sculpture Gel is the innovative and revolutionary way of keeping nails looking great and healthy - permanently!

Bio Sculpture Gel was founded and created in South Africa by  Elmien Schlotz. Through extensive research and product development, her vision was to create a gel that not only looked great, but was also long lasting and kept nails strong. All of her hard work and efforts eventually paid off. Now Bio Sculpture Gel is recognized internationally as the leader in nail care.

Bio Sculpture Gel is the inventor of the "No-Chip" Manicure. The gel is applied as an overlay to natural nails by a nail technician. This advanced nail treatment lasts up to 3-4 weeks without chipping, lifting or cracking. Unlike other nail products, it is strong and flexible. The gel protects natural nails, keeping them strong and conditioned as they continue to grow without breaking.

Bio Sculpture Gel is sold ONLY to professionally liscensed manicurists/cosmotologists. It is a requirement for all Nail Professionals to open their account with the purchase of a Professional Starter Kit, which includes an 8 hour hands on education class, We strongly believe in teaching the technician how to use the product correctly, and to its full potential.

Bio Sculpture Gel has put a lot of thought into each and every customer. No two hands are the same.