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CSA Registration 2019

We are excited to announce that our 2019 CSA shares are available!  We are a rich community and we would be grateful for your engagement in supporting local agriculture, food justice and education.     

Joining our CSA represents a commitment to sustainable, local agriculture, supports efforts to keep high quality farmland in production and ensures that we can continue to employ and educate young and experienced farmers alike.  It also offers the opportunity for you and your family to get know the land and the growing season intimately.  Some of our favorite things are seeing our shareholders out in the PYO; hearing people exchange tips on how to cook a favorite--or strange--vegetable; and knowing that so many people appreciate this unique space.  Will it be our sweet carrots?  That new pink cherry tomato, picked fresh and still warm from the sun?  Or just having a few moments a week to breathe this verdant open land deeply into your soul?

This year we're happy to offer 20-week and 10-week Summer shares, PYO flower shares and Extended Season "winter" shares, all picked up on the farm.  We also offer you the opportunity to help a neighbor in need access the same fresh produce that you enjoy by contributing to our Food For All share, a tax deductible donation that subsidizes our food access programming. 

By participating our CSA, you place your trust in our ability to grow delicious, high-quality vegetables over the course of an unpredictable season.  You have our pledge to work our hardest at what we do, with the goal of giving you a 110% return on your investment.

We look forward to seeing you again on the farm!


Erinn, Farm Manager, for the WFCF staff

2019 CSA Options (fuller descriptions below):

  • 20-Week Summer Share and Organizational Membership, $760
  • 10-Week Summer Share and Organizational Membership, $460
  • Food For All Contribution (tax-deductible), $100
  • PYO Flower Share, $100
  • Extended Season "Winter" Share, $225

2019 CSA Descriptions:

Summer Shares:

Shares include a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, distributed in our barn, where you are able to choose 6-9 crops out of an average of 14 options each week over the course of the season.  After weighing and packing your own vegetables, you can head to the fields to the pick-your-own, which includes snap peas, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, tomatillos, beans, herbs and more.  The season runs from early June through late October on the specified days and times (see below).  The summer share size gains momentum over the course of the season, ending with an overall average of 20 lbs per week.  Our delicious organic veggies are grown by us on 15 leased acres in Waltham and Weston and in partnership with Picadilly Farm in Winchester, NH.  We also work with other local farms to source potatoes and winter squash for your share.  

  • Summer 20-Week Share: Pick up once a week, for 20 weeks.  Summer 20-Week shares are designed for one household of vegetable lovers; if you decide to split a share, each additional household needs to become a dues-paying member of our organization.  One household is already included in the CSA summer share price.  Please check out the information on splitting a share on our website for more important information; we do not maintain a list of people interested in splitting a share.
  • Summer 10-Week Share: This share is picked up every other week and is intended for a smaller household or those still learning the ropes on managing a "CSA kitchen".  During your pickup week, the crop selection and quantity is the same as our Summer 20 Week Share.  Keep in mind, though, that certain crops may be on the stand for only one week, and it may not land on your pickup week.  Before the start of the season, you will be assigned an "even" or "odd" pickup week.  You can come on any pickup day you choose during your week.  The first week of the CSA distribution is "Week 1", making it an odd week; the second week is "Week 2", making it an even week, and so on and so forth.  You'll receive a bi-weekly CSA newsletter, which will serve as a reminder of when it's your week to pick up.  As with the 20-Week Share, if you are unable to come during your assigned week, we encourage you to send a friend instead.  We are unable to switch pick up weeks back and forth, but all unclaimed shares will be donated to our food access programs.  If you have a strong preference for an even or odd week, let us know in the "additional comments" section of the registration form and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Food For All Contribution:

Did you know that we offer half-priced CSA shares for those who can't quite swing the full price, but still want to eat healthy vegetables and support local farms?  We do!  We also provide the vegetables and staff for a special Mobile Outreach Market to serve low-income households during the growing season.  The Food For All community contribution  is your opportunity to help a neighbor in need.  Add this tax-deductible donation to your CSA share to maintain and grow our food access programming.  If you can afford to pay a little more, it directly helps households that cannot afford the price of organically grown vegetables.  Now is the time to help create the community you want to live in! If you're in need of a half-priced share, contact Erinn about eligibility and availability.  

Pick your Own Flower Share:

Our flower program improves each year and offers a dazzling display of color with blooms of all shapes and sizes. Beginning in mid-July, you can enjoy 10 weeks of flower picking and bouquet arranging.  Flower shares consist of a total of 30 stems weekly--pick one large bouquet for a centerpiece or multiple poseys to place throughout your home. Flowers can be harvested any time during daylight hours. You'll receive an email notice the week that the flower shares begin and another notice during the final picking week.

Flower shares are a fantastic way for new folks to be involved in the farm, as they can be purchased without registering for a vegetable CSA.  This is a great treat for yourself or a unique gift and experience for someone special.  

Extended Season CSA Share (formerly known as the winter share):

Extended season "winter" shares consist of all your fall favorites, including winter greens, cabbage, onions, leeks, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes and other storage crops.  We also provide a selection of winter squash and potatoes from partnering local farms.  We think of them as "winter shares" because they are tailored to get you through the winter season with a fridge/cool basement/enclosed porch full of tasty vegetables that store for months. These shares are a delicious way to celebrate the late season harvest and offer a bountiful Thanksgiving feast!  Extended Season CSA shares are distributed on three Saturday afternoons in November, listed below.   Each distribution averages about 35 pounds of produce and is much larger than a weekly summer share pickup. Coming prepared with lots of boxes, bags and extra time makes each pick up more enjoyable!

Due to seasonal conditions and storage limitations, we cannot meet requests for holding unclaimed shares.  Please make sure that you are able to pick up on the specified days before you sign up for a winter share!

Limited to 175, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Both primary shareholders and split-share partners can purchase their own Extended Season shares, but please make a note of which household is purchasing the share on the registration form.

2019 CSA Pick Up Schedule:

Summer: June 5-October 19 with 3 pickup options per week

Shareholders are not assigned a pick up day; you have the flexibility each week to choose which day you come without notifying the farm.  You're welcome to send a friend if there are weeks when you can't make it; any shares not picked up will be donated to our food access programs.

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays: 2pm-6:30pm
  • Saturdays: 9am-2pm

CSA pick-your-own crops can be harvested any time during daylight hours during the CSA season.  PYO is open to 10-week shareholders during their assigned pick up weeks.  There will be afternoons throughout the height of the summer that PYO will be closed for crop maintenance and management but we will do our best to notify shareholders beforehand.

Extended Season: 3 distributions total

  • Saturday, November 2: 10 am-2 pm
  • Saturday, November 16: 10 am-2 pm
  • Saturday, November 30: 10 am-2 pm

Payment Schedule and Shareholder Communications:

  • A minimum deposit of $200 towards your total share purchases and membership is required.  If the minimum first payment is not possible for you, please contact us to arrange an alternate payment plan.  
  • If you can pay in one installment, we encourage you to do so to keep our administrative costs low.
  • We are able to accept credit card payments only one time, via the registration link at the bottom of this page.  All later payments must be made by cash or check.
  • Please make sure the name of the primary shareholder is on all payments for your share.  The primary shareholder is the "owner" of the share in our bookkeeping records.  Making sure this name is on all payments and correspondence related to your share helps us to credit your account accurately and keeps our administrative costs down too!
  • Primary shareholders will receive an emailed invoice from us in early April with a confirmation of all share purchases and payments.  If you choose to pay in multiple installments, we will bill you for the remainder of your purchases at that time.  
  • Final payment for all Summer and Flower shares is due by June 1.  Final payment for all Extended Season shares is due by September 1.
  • We require each household with any CSA share to purchase a $35 annual membership, which is tax-deductible and supports our non-profit hunger relief and education programs.  One household membership is included in your summer CSA purchase. If splitting a share, the additional household must become a dues-paying member on the registration page.  Our shares are intended for a single household, but if you decide to split it, please keep it between two households to reduce administrative and logistical impact.
  • Important refund information: January 1-March 31--any refunds given will have a $35 administrative fee deducted.  April 1 and beyond--a refund is contingent upon our ability to sell your reserved share and a $35 administrative fee will be deducted. We cannot guarantee a refund after April 1st and are given at the discretion of WFCF.  Please contact farmmanager@communityfarms.org to inquire about registration cancellation.
  • You will be assessed any bank fees in the event of returned or bounced checks.
  • Email is our primary means of communication with our shareholders.  Each week during the season, you will receive a CSA e-newsletter, including a crop list for the week, seasonal recipes, and "Notes from the Field."  Please make sure that we have a working email address for you and any share partners, that you check any additional inbox pre-sort folders that your email server may utilize for messages from us and that you are able to receive emails from: farmmanager@communityfarms.org and distributioncoordinator@communityfarms.org and admin@communityfarms.org