Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM EST
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White Oak Baptist Church 
120 Main St
Cheshire, CT 06410

Driving Directions 


Sandra Coelho, Church Growth 
Baptist Convention of New England 

Leadership Training - Connecticut Conference 

8:30 a.m.  Registration


  • Scripture/Prayer
  • Large Group Session (Joe Souza/Mark Angerosa)


  • Choose the Ministry Track session that best suits your ministry role

12:00 noon       Lunch


  • Continue with the Ministry Track session that best suits your ministry role

1:45 p.m.  Wrap Up, Give Aways and Prayer

2:00 p.m.  Head for Home



$15.00/person on-line.  $20.00/person at the door.

Ministry Track Sessions

Choose the Ministry Track session that best suits your ministry role 

Church Revitalization Cohort 

  • Overcoming Our Resistance to Revitalization (10:00 am)
    Let’s work through some of the factors that cause pastors and leaders to disregard a path to revitalization in favor of less intrusive or disruptive measure that fail to transform. (Facilitator:  Mark Angerosa)
  • Split Session (11:00 am)
    Group 1 (for those interested in joining the movement) Introducing the Church Revitalization Process
    Group 2 (for those already in the process) Sharing Reports/Questions/Critiques from our first 30-45 Days. (Facilitators:  Bruce James and Joe Souza)
  • How a Pastoral Cohort Can Help Your Church In Revitalization (12:30 pm)
    Discover the focus of the cohorts and making plans for the future.  (Facilitators:  Bruce James and Joe Souza)

Children’s and Family Ministry

  • Leading Effective Ministry to Kids and Families (10:00 am)
    What principles and practices go into leading an effective ministry to kids and their families.  Come and join the conversation. (Facilitator:  Janiss Fowler)
  • Engaging Parents (11:00 am)
    Teach. Inspire. Equip.  We have to do all three things to help parents in their journey. Most parents don't understand that THEY are the prime source of discipleship for their kids. We have to teach them. In addition to helping parents understand their role, we have to inspire them to grow in their own faith WITH their children. We also need to give them the right tools. Let’s unpack this together! (Facilitator:  Sandy Coelho)
  • Spiritual Formation of Kids (12:30 pm)
    Join us for an interesting presentation about the spiritual formation of children.  Come and discover how this can help enhance your teaching as you understand where your kids are spiritually. (Facilitator:  Janiss Fowler)

Small Group Ministry

  • Discover the Vision and Purpose of Small Groups (10:00 am)
    Small groups are effective spaces for people to grow in their relationship with Jesus and with others.  Come and discover the vision and purpose of this vital ministry.  (Facilitator:  Sandy Coelho)
  • Leading a Transformational Group (11:00 am)
    Learn how to implement four elements of a great group. (Facilitator:  Ron Mills)
  • FAQ about Small Group Leaders (12:30 pm)
    Let’s talk about six frequently asked questions about small groups.  Come with your questions and we will dialogue about those too!  (Facilitator:  Ron Mills)