Sunday, June 30, 2019 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM PDT
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McCloud Dance Country Ballroom 
104 Pine St
McCloud, CA 96057

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Shamir Ladhani 
Panther Power Corporation 

See What Some Participants are Saying

"when we started doing the breathing and I got very frustrated and started crying..I went on this journey.....Meditation lucid dreaming... The new world of love and compassion exists" - Leslie June 2017

"But I love  the way you put it ... These programs are fuel for my soul .. I was asked by the masters to be here this year to anchor this very important energy shift this year" - Hazel, Aug 2017 North Queensland, Australia

"The words you used to calm me into breathing slowly were just what I needed to hear.... I responded much more deeply. I feel wonderful and very relaxed. I was given an insight as to how I can apply this throughout my day that hadn’t come to me before. I love how you said that this was a time for all about me. As soon as I heard that, I sunk in deep" Jill , June 2018

"Shamir, thank you so much for the (techniques).  They make our climbing a lot easier and brighter for being in the company of other Angels (Family) and also when we bring them into daily life of our own steam" - Anne December 2018 Hawaii, USA

Kryon Mt. Shasta Retreat #2

This workshop is held as part of the Kryon Mount Shasta Retreat June 28-July 1, 2019.  You are not required to attend the retreat in order to participate at this workshop.  You can find out more about the retreat and all the additional programs offered by clicking on this link: Kryon Mount Shasta Retreat 2018

One-on-One Transformational Coaching

Book your one-on-one transformational coaching session at special event rate of $150 USD for a one-hour session (regular $250 USD).  Secure your spot by booking online https://ifio.simplybook.me


Harmonizing and Anchoring Star Energies Using HeartMath Techniques 

The healing powers of the Pleiadian star energies support transition out of your 'old' personality and into your next awakened state. Your transformational experience depends upon your willingness to let go of the past. In this workshop, you will experience the Self-Love healing energy of the Panther combined with a powerful 15-minutes/day HeartMath inspired technique for transformation.  Be prepared to walk out a different personality!

Online registration: $44 USD

Registration at the door (if there is capacity): $50 USD Cash only (receipt will be e-mailed shortly after the event)

Benefits of Attending this Workshop

  • Experience the Panther Wave Self-Love guided meditation to deepen your connection with the star families and anchor the spiritual gifts received,
  • Learn and practice a powerful 15 minute-a-day HeartMath inspired technique that will expand your body's capacity to integrate star energies
  • Conquer the fear of the unknown as you break past your 'old personality' and embrace the 'software upgrade' from your Pleiadian family
  • Experience a positive shift almost immediately

A Word from Your Workshop Facilitator

At the Kryon Summer Light event in June 2014, I  experienced powerful Pleiadian energies, the likes I had not experienced before.  Deep inside, I knew that these energies would help deepen my connection with my star family.  I had spent the better part of my life in the corporate world, and there was a wide gap between the star energies experienced and my former vibrational state.  It took me a little over a year to narrow this gap and integrate these energies. I grew very impatient during the process.  Eventually, I began to explore techniques and approaches that would not only help me reduce the time to incorporate these energies, but increase my capacity to allow more intense experiences.  I landed on a strategy that combined the simplicity of HeartMath techniques with the Self-Love transformational power of the Panther energy.  I am excited to show everyone how quickly they can do this for themselves!

About Your Facilitator


Shamir S. Ladhani is an international speaker and a transformational coach helping individuals transform their lives and achieve their personal and professional goals.  He has been a regular co-facilitator at the Kryon Discovery Events with Lee Carroll and Dr. Amber Wolf.   His ability to simplify complex spiritual concepts and inspire participants to experience personal breakthroughs during his workshops has earned him international speaking engagements in Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe.  He is the host of ‘Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot’ – a 15-minute live group coaching broadcast where he draws individuals from across the globe and leads them through heart-mind coherence building techniques as well as discusses a particular topic of the week.  You can sign up to join his online program free (Spark Level Membership) at www.IgniteFromInsideOut.com


Who is this workshop appropriate for and do I need to have an advanced knowledge of metaphysical concepts?

This workshop is appropriate for participants at all levels of spiritual understanding and practice.

How fast can I expect to experience tangible benefits from practicing the 15-minute-a-day technique ?

I have had many individuals report to me that they have experienced tangible benefits in less than 14 days when applying these techniques regularly.  There is no 'end-point' to your experience since you will continually expand in your awakening.  Everyone will have a unique and an individual experience.

Will Pleiadian star energies overwhelm me?

The benevolent design of the universe dictates that you will only
experience the intensity of an energy blessing suitable to your
capacity. In this workshop you will master approaches to
permanently increase your ability to integrate higher intensities of energy.

What other benefits will I experience when I practice these techniques
for 15 minutes a day

Participants who have practiced HeartMath inspired techniques have shown improvement in the following areas (as reported in peer-reviewed science journals):
- Higher immune system functioning,
- Deeper spiritual awareness and heightened intuition,
- Resilience,
- Higher intelligence and reasoning ability,
- Manage composure under stress,
- Improved health markers (cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure)

Feel free to e-mail Shamir if you have any questions about this workshop at shamir@panther-power.com