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Country Day Little School 
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Dror Schneider 






HANDLE Screener Course (Level 3) in Palo Alto, 2 Saturdays a month starting January 

HANDLE Screener Course, 2019, Palo Alto, CA

The HANDLE Screener Course will start you on your path to become a Certified HANDLE Screener. You will learn to view human functioning through the unique HANDLE perspective and learn to identify neurodevelopmental obstacles that impair academic and social learning.


  • Attending HANDLE Levels 1 & 2 (Recommended: a recent review of Levels 1 & 2 if you’ve attended them a long time ago).
  • Application and interview

Course Description

The course will involve two modules

1.      In-class module, two Saturdays a month, 10 am – 6 pm, for a total of 14 meetings. Starting January 12, 2019. This module will include:

a.      Receiving a personal HANDLE Screening involving insights into your own unique ways of functioning in the world and an individualized program of HANDLE Activities. (If possible logistically, this would be scheduled individually with HANDLE providers before the in-class module)

b.      Learning 13 new HANDLE Activities and reviewing the ones learned in Levels 1-2.

c.      Learning the Screening Tool: how to perform it, to write up observations, to choose activities and to present the findings and program to clients

d.      Supervised screening sessions with clients

2.      In online meetings we can go over materials that don’t require meeting in class. We can do this on a weekly basis (an hour a week) at a time that is convenient for the whole group, to cover the homework assignments, the take-home exam, how to follow up on clients, and checking off on skills that were not checked off during the in-class module.


Dates for the class: January 12, 26; February 9, 23; March 9, 30; April 13, 27; May 11, 25; June 8, 22 and July 6-7.

Certification Requirements

        Successful completion of the entire course

        100% attendance 

        Take-home exam (AKA the Interactive Learning Tool, or ILT): an online written dialogue with the Instructor in which you demonstrate understanding of HANDLE and the ability to explain, in simple language, HANDLE principles.  

        Homework, which includes performing three practice HANDLE Screenings (or more, as needed), writing them up and submitting to the Instructor

        Demonstration of skills:

o   Administering the HANDLE Screening tool

o   Analyzing the findings

o   Developing an individualized program of HANDLE Activities

o   Presenting the findings and teaching the client (and caregivers, if any) his or her program

o   Teaching the client (and caregivers) to recognize subtle signs of stress

o   Suggesting compensatory measures to relieve stress as the client gently enhances the systems being addressed

o   Teaching and explaining the HANDLE Activities included in the Screeners’ repertoire

        Affiliation with The HANDLE Institute

        Certification is competency based. If you are not able to demonstrate competency during the course, we will make a plan for you to complete the requirements.

As a Certified HANDLE Screener you will be able to:

Offer a Screening service (Screening and individualized program) for individuals age 5 through adult with learning, organization and attentional difficulties, and to identify those at risk for such challenges.

A Screening is designed to offer basic insight to the client and caregivers and to address mild challenges. The client should be able to sit with you at the table, follow directions and manage a pencil. By participating daily in the 10-15 minute program of HANDLE Activities, the client begins a process of growth that can have beneficial effects in most areas of life. 


Dror Schneider is the Instructor of this course.


Students will become Affiliated with The HANDLE Institute from the first day of class at no extra charge.  This will be in force for the first year or until annual affiliation renewal time in March. Annual renewals involve a fee paid to the HANDLE Institute.

Questions: Email me at dror@handlebythebay.com