Saturday September 28, 2019 
Thursday October 3, 2019 

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An Sibin Riding Lodge in Whitegate, Ireland 
Ireland riding beside wall


Teresa Wolf, Master Certified Retreat Coach
Soul Discovery on Horseback

Feel free to call with any questions or for more details.  Once you register, you will get a list of what to bring.  


Sat Sept 28

  • transfer (if booked) from Shannon airport to the An Sibin Riding Centre in County Clare
  • lunch snack in the riding centre
  • boat ride to Holy Island to visit the ruins of one of Irelands most important monastic settlements.
  • traditional home cooked dinner by the open peat fire

Sun Sept 29

  • after breakfast drive to the famous horse fair in Ballinasloe - spend all day between hundreds of horses – just looking...we are not bringing a horse trailer ;))  LUNCH IS ON YOUR OWN.
  • drive back to An Sibin in the late afternoon for dinner

Mon Sept 30

  • full Irish breakfast
  • 2 hour ride through the beautiful Irish countryside
  • back to the riding centre for tasty lunch
  • 1 hour ride on ancient Celtic trails
  • candle light dinner

Tue Oct 1

  • full Irish breakfast
  • 2 hour ride across the magical landscape of peat and heather 
  • after the lunch snack in the riding centre we visit the ruins of impressive Pallas Castle, one of the best preserved tower-houses and walled castle grounds of the 14th century 
  • drive back to An Sibin for dinner

Wed Oct 2

  • full Irish breakfast
  • 1 + 1/2 hour ride through rural farmland
  • picnic lunch break along the trail route
  • 2 hour ride passing a 3000 year old Celtic Dolme
  • dinner in the comfy atmosphere of the riding centre

Thur Oct 3

  • full Irish breakfast
  •  time to say “slan abhaile” to your Irish mounts
  •  transfer (if booked) back to Shannon airport or to a hotel in Shannon

The itinerary might change due to weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control... 




Teresa and her horse, Nemo.

Teresa Wolf, Master Certified Retreat Coach
Soul Discovery on Horseback 

I have taken 6 groups to Ireland over the years and many have gone 2 and 3 times with me!  The beauty of Ireland is indescribable, the food mouth watering, the horses fabulous and well trained and the lodge is comfy cozy.  I have done this particular trip before with a group who thoroughly enjoyed it.  I especially like the Ballinsaloe horse fair where you will see more Irish horses than you can believe!  The baby foals are running around, there are carts being pulled by horses, riders and miniatures all right in the middle of the crowd.  There is a constant parade going on of the horses that are for sale and those to just look at.  Before going, I thought to myself we would be bored to spend the day there but by the end of the day, none of us wanted to leave!  Make sure you have room in your luggage because there are vendors there and the merchandise is very cheap.  

Call me if you have any questions or would like more information.  This is a great trip!


Ireland, Castles and Horses.

What could be better? 

Pricing lower than it has ever been for a trip to Ireland!

This is Teresa's 7th trip to Ireland!  

That tells you a lot about the quality of this event!  

Enjoy a combination of visiting the ancient Irish castles and monastic ruins with lovely guided horseback trail rides through Irish bogs, fields and local farmland.

For a real taste of Irish tradition you cannot beat a day on an Irish horse fair. It is like stepping back in time and it is as much as the celebration of the horse as it is part of the Irish culture. Witness the spit on the palm and the handshake that seals the deal!


On our first full day there, we will be going to the  famous Ballinasloe horse fair and the Connemara pony sales in the heart of the harsh, but beautiful Connemara mountains. Be prepared to go native as you wander between the horses, ponies, sheep and cattle in the daytime and relax in the ambiance of a castle hotel at night.

Each night we will be staying at the beautifully restored 300 year old bed and breakfast, An Sibin.  Enjoy candle light dinners by a peat fire.  The food is mouth watering scrumptious, even if you are on a special diet.  The horses are well trained mounts, Irish Sport Horses, Gypsy Vanners, Gypsy Cobbs and Connemaras.  Saddles are English, though they have Western for those who request it.

If you would like to stay an extra night in Shannon, you can be transported to Shannon for a night of shopping, a castle feast and show or just relaxing in the spa!  I suggest staying in the Bunratty Castle Hotel for the ultimate in luxury plus it's within walking distance of all the attractions.  I can provide you with details on all the events and the hotel upon request.

Bunratty Castle



Pricing for this awesome opportunity:

  • Single room:  $1999
  • Shared (2 per room):  $1899
  • Non-rider rate:  $1499

Transfer fees back and forth to the lodge NOT included.  $80 round trip if you arrive before noon on Saturday.  If arrival is outside those times, a special trip will need to be made so price may be adjusted.  Transfer fees to be paid prior to start of trip.

Previous Ireland participants enjoy a 5% discount!  Notice discount code upon registration.

Register Now!

 *Gratuities not included.  

Upon registration, you will be forwarded a booking form.  


At the time of booking, your reservation is held on a courtesy basis for one week, at

which time a $600 non-refundable deposit is due. Final Payments are due 45 days prior to departure.

From 45 days prior to departure until 8 days prior to departure, 50% of the trip cost is

nonrefundable. Within 7 days of departure the entire trip cost is nonfundable.  Trip insurance is highly recommended.