Mishloach Manot For All

A Temple Isaiah Sisterhood Purim Project For 2019



Proceeds benefit Temple Isaiah Sisterhood and its giving programs in support of Temple Isaiah and community activities/Tzedakah.

Note: If you choose individual bags, please consider also becoming a Mordechai Contributor to recognize our Clergy, Staff and Teachers.   

Sponsored by 

Temple Isaiah Sisterhood
55 Lincoln St
Lexington, MA 02421

Purim Mishloach Manot for All Co-Chairs

Bonna Terban and Sally Huebscher          

For questions, you may contact sisterhood@templeisiah.net or call Sally at 781-863-8159 and Bonna at 603-231-4772.


It's time to order Purim Baskets!  Purim is one of the happiest of Jewish holidays.  There are several components of the Purim holiday, including public readings of the Book of Esther (k'riat megillah), giving charity to the poor (matanot la'evyonim) and delivering gifts/baskets to friends (mishloach manot).

Temple Isaiah Sisterhood is hosting a Purim Basket initiative that makes fulfilling the mitvah of mishloach manot just a little bit easier and we encourage everyone to participate. 

You can support this initiative, and connect with Temple Isaiah Staff and Congregants in different ways -- become a sponsor, purchase bags, and/or volunteer to assist with bag delivery.    

Mishloach Manot Sponsor

Be listed on the Congregation Wide Card as a Sponsor



Queen Esther Contributor 

Be listed on the Congregation-Wide Card



Mordechai Contributor 

Your name  is listed on card for our Clergy, Staff and Teachers -  but not the whole congregation



Individual Bags 

 You provide the names and your name appears on just those cards




Bags for Non-Member Friends and Family

Pick up your bags at the Temple on 3/17