This is an online event. 



Krissy Pozatek 
Parallel Process, LLC 

Transform Your Parenting: A 30 Day (at home) Parallel Process Intensive 

 Are you stuck in a negative parenting dynamic with your child?  Do you experience frequent power-struggles?  Do you lack trust with your child due to a history of your child acting out or shutting down?  Do you feel over-involved?  Are you unsure how to step away, or how to let go?  These are many of the questions and dilemmas that parents face today.  

Over the next 30 days, parents will come away with a new clarity and a fresh perspective on how to move forward in their relationship with their child.  Each day parents  will be receiving an email that introduces the Parallel Process content in direct and accessible ways.  The emails are delivered in a step-by-step process for parents to become engaged with the material, and examine their own parenting patterns.  The daily emails will also have an action item where parents can experiment with trying new skills to reach new outcomes with their child.  The course will take about 15-20 minutes per day.  The course is designed so parents can engage with the material at the convienience of their own schedules.  These action items will gradually lead parents through The Parallel Process.  

To make this course more interactive, there will be webinars each week.  The webinars will be Q and A style.  Krissy will be helping parents apply the Parallel Process content to their unique home situations or parent-child struggles.  The best learning comes from hearing other parent's situations and application of the content to real life.  * Each parent has full confidentiality.