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Modified MBSR: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Denver 4- week class Register Below

Beyond simple stress reduction, training an ability to be with ourselves as we are in a new way that links us to our possibility- body, brain, behavior 

MBSR is an Evidence-Based Mindfulness Application developed by Jon Kabat Zinn 38 years ago to alleviate suffering and increase well-being. The MBSR program started in the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979, and is now offered in over 200 medical centers, hospitals, and clinics around the world, and is primary in the scientific research demonstrating positive outcomes of Mindfulness, then creating the bridge to effective practical applications throughout society in Heatlhcare, Education, Government, Military, and Corporations, to improve our ability to access what is best in each of us toward a new measure of Happiness and Success.

Repeated Focal Attention changes the function &  structure of our Brain & Biology, for better or for worse. Question then is, What's got your Attention? What are you repeatedly focusing on? In MBSR you can learn to train your Attention to Focus in ways that will link you to your best. We are always training our attention, why not decide which direction...........

For Personal & Professional Development

Who Should Register: 
  • Those seeking new coping strategies for Stress Management
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to access their Health, Resilience, and discover a Responsive Action
  • Suitable for Beginners and those already familiar with Mindfulness Practices
  • Those wanting help for Anxiety, Depression, Attention, Fatigue, Physical and Emotional Health
  • To manage Work & Tech Stress
  • Appropriate for anyone dealing with Chronic Pain or Illness & Daily Life Stress   (physical/emotional/psychological/relational pain)
  • Mental Health Professional Training: Satisfies part of Phase I MBSR Teacher Training requirement of UMASS Center for Mindfulness
  • Business Professionals seeking Communication and Leadership Skills
Register Now! 

Jon Kabat Zinn, Diane Renz, Saki Santorelli, Center for Mindfulness

Facilitated by Diane Renz, MA, LPC, UMASS, Center for Mindfulness trained MBSR Teacher & Licensed Psychotherapist (in photo Jon Kabat Zinn, & Executive Director of UMASS CFM Saki Santorelli)

Whether or not you Receive the Benefits of Mindfulness Depends on Your First Step in Learning How to Practice: MBSR is where it all began, is how we have discovered the positive changes in Body, Brain, Behavior. Start your journey in the Right Direction with MBSR.


MBSR is to discover how Mindfulness can be the Agent of Change, & how Awareness becomes Medicine

60 Minutes Story by Anderson Cooper on how Mindfulness changed his life  Anderson Cooper walking meditation

Research Shows MBSR Helps Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety is a part of our being human, whether it breaks or stretches us is dependent upon how we relate to the circumstances of our life.

With this class you can learn to change the habits of Mind and Re-Turn your attention to what will illuminate your wellness.

Return to what is right in you; Reinform the patterns of dis-ease; and Re-member who you are beyond the immediate suffering you are experiencing. 

Creating new habits of mind requires repetition; join us to practice together for long-lasting lifestyle shifts for well-being.

The Connection: A Film about the Power of Mind-Body Medicine

MBSR is Mind-Body Medicine: the Connection between Mind, Brain, Body to influence our Health & Well-Being for better or worse, depending upon the use of our Attention. 

This supposed Mindful Revolution is teaching how

Minding our Brain to Remind our Body and Return to Health–the Science of Mindfulness helping us make this ancient wisdom relevant, not just relegated to a special few; a core capacity for each of us to Remember and Practice back into existence, our natural ability and inherent health.

  • Learn how to use Mindfulness to Direct your Mind to Change your Brain/Body for the better
  • Re-Start your Vitality with the Application of Mindfulness
  • Applying Mindfulness to Remind your Ability:
  • to Cope, to Communicate, to Connect, to Care, to Collaborate, to Create your best life from what is already best in you, just waiting for Attention.

The Science is compelling, but it is Your Direct Experience that corroborates the science, using your Life, right now, in this moment, to become curious and aware to see what is possible 

MBSR Recommendation for Participation:

This is not a drop in group. An attempt to commit to the 8 week cycle and practice day wll allow you to receive the full benefit of this program. We will meet each week for 2 1/2 hours, and each week you will be given suggested daily home practice. Please be sure of your readiness to engage fully prior to registration. And, we will each be working with our struggles with implementing something new, and supporting each other in "practicing" , not to make perfect, but to make possible. And, "if your dog ate your homework", still show up, and just begin again.

MBSR is a direct experience immersion into various forms of Mindfulness, including: sitting mindfulness meditation, body scan, mindful movement/yoga, walking meditation, mindful eating, heart practices, and inquiry, all in a supportive, confidential environment where you can feel safe to explore.

This class is not recommended for those dealing with very recent trauma or loss or untreated addictions.

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