Claim your power, focus, wisdom, grace...

What if you could step into the graceful, powerful energy  whenever you wanted to?

What if you could release anxiety and pick up any energy you choose?

What if you could find moments of joy and indulgence without worrying that your task list is getting done?

Does it sound impossible? 

It's completely possible. The power to change your energy is already in you. You just need some tools. You'll get them in this free training!

So join us on January 30 to learn:

  • To identify some basic archetypes for power, wisdom and purpose
  • The steps to using the archetypes in your everyday life
  • How we choose our energy level
  • Your strongest archetypes and how they serve you (or not)
  • The energies you can bring in more of to support you
  • How to continue the practice and go deeper

PLUS, A Bonus!

Just for signing up you'll receive a Affirmation Guide so when you know the energy you need, you'll have some simple tools to draw it to you. You'll have it before this training!

YES! We will send out a recording of this call, however, to get the most benefit, come live and participate.