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Friday, November 8, 2019 at 2:00 PM MST
Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 3:00 PM MST

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Gold Crown Foundation 
150 S. Harlan Street
Lakewood, CO 80226

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Welcome to the 2019 U.S. Open Netball Championships !

Inviting US and international players, officials and fans from around the globe.

WELCOME to the 2019 U.S. Open Netball Championships - the most prestigious and largest Netball event in the USA.  Netball America is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, so lots of exciting things planned!  It is our intention to make this event a valuable learning experience.

Event is Friday Nov 8th - Sunday Nov 10th, 2019. Registration open to ladies, mixed and mens teams.  We can also place individuals in a team.

Event price supports the growth of American Netball and includes:

  • World class organized tournament
  • Indoor location played on 4 wooden sprung courts
  • Top level international netball coaches (male & female) leading development clinics
  • Umpire & rule sessions
  • International umpires to assess umpires
  • Mens showcase netball game
  • Junior women's showcase netball game
  • Free Global broadcast
  • Free transportation to/from event hotels to 3 days of events
  • Professional photographers
  • Heavily discounted rates & many benefits at event hotel.  Hotels chosen have committed to donate to Netball!
  • Qualified officials provided
  • Welcome reception
  • Certified athletic trainers & medics
  • Free water/gatorade
  • Injury insurance coverage for US participants 
  • Souvenir event program, tshirt & water bottle
  • Letters to help fundraise
  • Netball awards for top 3 in each category

We do welcome international volunteers and umpires, however an application process required to be submitted.

Event website is, follow event on facebook & twitter.

We look forward to a spectacular event in Colorado.

Yours in Netball,

Sonya Ottaway
President Netball America

General Information

Draft Agenda

Below is subject to change.

Friday Nov 8th

3-5pm: Coaching & Umpiring sessions at courts
Mens display game
If teams want practice time this can be arranged, however a court hire fee will need to be paid.  Court time must be booked by October 15th.

Saturday Nov 9th 
8am: Opening ceremonies & games commence
5pm: Day concludes

Sunday November 10th
8.30am - 2.30pm: Playoff rounds and finals
2.30pm - 3:00pm: Closing ceremonies & award presentations
3pm: Event concludes

3 tournament categories: ladies, mixed and mens.  Saturday is seeding games & Sunday is finals.  All categories need a minimum of 4 teams to proceed.  Depending on teams registered, the organizing committee will decide if any categories split into divisions for Sunday playoffs.

Match Protocols: Appendix A

Umpires: Must complete and submit an application form before being invited to complete a US Open registration.

Membership: Applies to US Participants Only
To ensure ongoing growth and development of Netball in America and its membership base - all US based participants must be registered members of Netball America OR pay the US non-member rate.  This applies to US participants who may play for an international team.  Qualification for Full Club Member US Open rate does not allow for breaks in membership nor does it accept participants who only intend to register as a member to participate at US Open member rate.  This is not in the spirit of Netball America membership nor is it fair to those members who pay their yearly membership.   

All membership monies must be paid by September 30th to receive Full Club Member US Open rate.  If a club/individual did not pay their membership monies in a prior year, membership fees owing need to be paid otherwise rate will be the non-full club member or non-member rate.  The Non-Full Club member rate also applies to those that do not register their full club as Netball America members and only register US Open participants.  

International Teams:
To assist with development of Netball in America, international teams/participants have following entry requirements:

  • To qualify for international rate, teams required to provide 2 officials - either 2 umpires or 1 umpire/1 scorer & international participants required to either umpire/score.
  • If international teams/participants do not want to supply officials then they pay the 'without official fee'.

Refundable Team Deposit:
All teams required to pay $100 deposit.  This will be refunded at end of tournament (within 14 days), providing following conditions are met:

  • Teams do not forfeit any games
  • Unregistered participants for that team do not sit on team bench, approach official tables nor participate in any ceremony
  • Extra registered participants do not sit on team bench, approach official tables for that game they are not playing
  • International teams officials show up to assigned court as scheduled
  • Teams do not damage any equipment, or damage hotel or venue
  • No other damage or abuse by an individual or team that is not in the spirit of the International Netball Rules or US Open Netball Championships rules.


  • A team may register more than 12 players and more than 5 team officials, however only 12 players and 5 team officials can sit on a bench at one time.  A team cannot register more than 16 players and/or 7 team officials. 
  • Each individual player/team official, including coaches/managers (those sitting on the bench) required to complete registration & pay applicable fees.
  • Players may only register for 1 team.  Players will not be allowed to play in the ladies and mixed categories, unless it falls under exception category below and has been pre-approved by the Organizing Committee.  Coaches may coach teams in another category, however can't guarantee these teams won't be playing at the same time.
  • Every team, official & volunteer to complete registration form.
  • In order for a player/manager/coach to qualify to play for a team in any Sunday playoffs, the person concerned must play/participate in at least 1 seeding game on the Saturday, i.e. a player must play at least 1 game in the Saturday rounds, a coach must coach at least 1 game.
  • Every participant, official & volunteer required to complete a waiver (Appendix B).

AwardsTrophies will be awarded to top ranked team in each category.

    The Netball America Cup is awarded to the top placed ladies Netball America member team.  Current title holder is Georgia Force from Atlanta.

    Team Spirit Award – To 1 team in each category who shows outstanding sportsmanship.

    Vicki Wilson MVP Award - To 1 individual in each category who shows what it means to be an outstanding athlete.

    Excellence in Umpiring Award - Awarded to 1 tournament umpire who shows outstanding qualities.

    First Aid:  Masseuses/medical/qualified sports trainers be onsite.  Teams required to bring own tape. You can purchase tape for $10/roll from medics.  If required to go to hospital please do not ask any US Open volunteers to transport someone.

    FoodFree water/gatorade provided to participants.  Food & beverage on sale.  Outside drinks/food not allowed inside venue due to vendor contracts.  Bags checks may be conducted. 

    Hotel & Transportation Refer Appendix D.  Note - teams are responsible for their own flights and ground transportation to/from airport and hotel. 

    Registration Fees:

    A team must pay a non-refundable deposit to secure a spot in the Championships.  Teams who pay this deposit will be honored with the early bird rate until Oct 31st.  Additional participants may register up until close of registration on Thursday Oct 31st at early bird rate, providing team deposit was paid during early bird period.  Any payments after Oct 31st will result in a late fee of $50, in addition to paying late registration price below.

    Registration Type

    Early registration (per person)

    (on or before Sept 15th)

    Late registration (per person)

    (on or after Sept 15-Oct 31st)

    Member Rates

    Netball America Full Club member rate

    Netball America Non-Full Club Member rate or membership paid after Sept 30th


    $ 100/person




    $ 120/person



    International Rates

    International participant (team provides 2 officials or individual provides 1)

    International participant (team/individual doesn't provide officials)









    Non-Member Rates

    Non Netball America member 





    APPENDIX A – Match Protocols

    Netball playing rules played according to 2018 International Rules of Netball however US Open Championship rules take precedent as outlined below:

    1) Time: Game times set closer to tournament.

    Teams notified when there are 30 secs / 10 secs remaining prior to start of game and the end of an interval.  At 10-second warning, teams must move into playing positions for start/re-start of play. 

    • If a team fails to take court by the start/re-start of play, Umpire shall penalize for deliberate delaying of play
    • If a team fails to take court within 1 minute of designated time for start/re-start of play, Umpires shall award game to non-offending team and offending team will lose team deposit.

    2) Points:

    3 points awarded for a win
    1 point for a draw
    0 points for a loss/forfeit

    In the event of a draw, goal differences will be first tie breaker rule.  Goal difference is calculated by total number of goals scored minus goals conceded.  If a teams points & goal differences are equal, then goals scored will be used as a 2nd tiebreaker with team scoring the most goals winning.  Only finals will have additional time played for draws.  For a final game draw, teams will get 1 min break, no switching of ends, players may switch positions.  Time will then be 4 minutes with no breaks.  If a 2nd tie occurs then it will be first team to lead by 1 goal.

    If a team doesn't show up for Sunday playoffs this team drops to the lowest seed of that pool and all subsequent teams move up one seed in said pool.  If a team needs to forfeit a game during playoffs due to injury/lack of players/sickness/emergency the team they were facing automatically advances or wins the match or any ranking or medal associated with that match.  The forfeiting team will lose $100 team deposit.

    3) Categories:  At tournament organizers' discretion as to any adjustment to categories/timing of games.  Each category will need a min. of 4 teams.  Competition will be round robin.

    4) Officials: Umpires and scorers allocated to matches by Tournament Official Director according to performance and level.  Umpires will be invited to the tournament.  Umpires must wear tournament uniform provided.

    5) Teams:  A mixed team must have a minimum of 1 male player and may have up to a maximum of 3 male players on court.  The males will need to spread out (1 as GS,GA; 1 as either C,WA,WD; and 1 as GK,GD).  Teams cannot have 2 males playing GS/GA or GK/GD at the same time.

    6) Scorer/Timer: Each court will have its own individual scoring system.  Courts will run on a central timer.

    7) Injury Time: Due to running a central timer no additional time played for injury stoppage.

    8) Alcohol Policy:  Regulations do not permit consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas.

    9) Tobacco Policy: Smoking is prohibited in building - must be at least 25 feet of building doorways.

    10) Animals Prohibited: Only properly trained & certified service animals are allowed inside.

    The decision of the tournament organizers' shall be final and without appeal.

    APPENDIX B – Waiver

     Click to download.  Must be signed by every participant, volunteer & official. Due to Netball America being Green blank waivers will not be available at the event.  We suggest you complete and email in prior to the start of event.

    If any information is missing the waiver will not be accepted and person may not take court until information is completed.


    Transportation will be provided to/from event hotels to venue for all registered participants

    HOTEL 1: HYATT HOUSE, 7310 West Alaska Dr, Lakewood, CO, 80226

    Book online here!  After entering check in/check out dates, click "Special Rates" link, enter code "G-NETB" in Corporate/Group code space OR call front desk +1(303)922-2511 - ask for US Open Netball group rateRate cut-off date 9/30/19 unless sold out.

    2 room types:
    1. Studio King w/Queen sofabed in other room - $115/night (+ taxes)

    2. Den King No Sofa - $109/night (+ taxes)

    Hotel Info:
    - Only 1.3 miles from tournament venue
    - 37 miles from airport, accessible via train/taxi 
    - Located in outdoor shopping/dining area 
    - Heated indoor pool
    - Free parking, free wi-fi & free hot breakfast buffet 
    - Studio rooms - kitchenette, Den king - no kitchenette
    - Bar in hotel & 22 bars/restaurants within walking distance



    HOTEL 2: HOLIDAY INN, 7390 W. Hampden Ave, Lakewood, CO, 80227

    Book online here!  Select dates and 'NBC' code will automatically populate OR call  +1(303)980-6666 ask for the US Open Netball group rateRate cut-off date 10/5/19 unless sold out.

    3 room types:          
    1. Two Queen beds - $114/night (+taxes)

    2. King w/ Sofa - $114/night (+taxes)

    3. Suite (King bed, separate living area w/ sofa bed) - $164 / night (+taxes)


    Hotel Info:
    - Only 5.6 miles from tournament venue
    - 36 miles from airport, accessible via train/taxi
    - Heated outdoor pool
    - Free parking, wi-fi & hot breakfast buffet 
    - All rooms include minifridge. Suite has dining table/microwave
    - Restaurant, bar & room service
    - Close to restaurant & shops

    Closest airport - Denver International Airport (DEN).



    The Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key 1814

    Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
    Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?