Armed2Defend Ohio CCW Training


Tuesday, March 19, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EDT
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Wagnalls Memorial Library, Auxiliary Building 
122 E. Columbus St.
Lithopolis, OH 43136

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Kevin Sadeski 
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March 19, 2019 Ohio and Multi-State Concealed Carry Training 

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Best Training Opportunity in Ohio!

Armed2Defend offers more for less and we make the whole process as easy as possible for you! Choosing Armed2Defend for your concealed carry training just makes sense! 

  • We have an attorney who comes in to present an hour legal presentation and can answer your legal questions. You'll realize how important this is once you are at the class. It's hard to find classes (and pretty much impossible at this price point) that offer this. And get this- we let you come back anytime to get updated/refreshed on the laws! If the attorney isn't able to make the class in person, then an up to date video of his presentation will be played. Legal questions can be collected and answered. 
  • We have a large instructional team which results in a lower student to instructor ratio and a more personalized instructional experience for you. 
  • We give you a free passport style photo to attach to your application to save you hassle and cost of getting one made after the class. 
  • We can offer an optional add-on to help you with choosing a pistol that could save you lots of money in the long run if you haven't decided on a handgun yet. 

We've trained more than 17,000 Ohio residents and are proud of our reputation for providing excellent instruction and excellent customer service. Don't take our word for it... read the hundreds of reviews our students have left. We can't wait to help you get your concealed carry license. 

What if I've never shot a gun before? 

This is a basic handgun course designed to start at the fundamental levels. Many people have taken our class that have never touched a gun before coming. We get many experienced shooters too. We will meet you where you are and personalize your range instruction to fit your experience and abilities.

It's normal to feel a little nervous about taking a handgun course if you've never touched a gun before. You will quickly feel at ease. All of our instructors are friendly, helpful and love to share their passion for safe gun handling with beginners! You will have an instructor by your side walking you through exactly what to do.

Ohio requires that you demonstrate safe gun handling. There is no certain "score" you must achieve to "pass" the range time. Our instructors will work with you and help you improve your accuracy so relax and just come ready to learn. 


Do I have to have my own gun?

You DO NOT need to own a gun to take the class. In fact, if you don't already own one we encourage you to just use one our 22lr pistols for the training (no charge!) and wait until after the class to make a purchase decision. 

But if you already own a handgun, we highly recommend you bring it. You will get more out of the training by practicing with your handgun. Our goal is for the training to be a meaningful and useful experience for all our students. When bringing your own (unless it is a 22lr) you will need to bring at least 50 rounds of ammunition.

Some people aren't sure if they want to bring theirs or not. If that's you, bring it anyway and leave it in the car in case you change your mind once at the range. Students who don't bring theirs often end up admitting that they should have. 

How long is the training? 

Ohio requires you to take 8 hours of training (specifically 6hrs of classroom, 2hrs of range time) in order to be able to apply for a concealed carry license. Our class is built around this requirement. We're in the classroom from 9am until alittle after 3pm and on the range from 3:30-5:30. At the end of the range time you will be given a certificate of completion. Your next step is to go to the sheriff's office to apply for the license. 

Which states will my Ohio license be good in? 

Currently, the Ohio license is honored in 39 different states. (The states not covered are: California, Oregon, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland & Hawaii).

What do I need to bring on the day of class?

You will not be permitted to leave during the day to run out and grab lunch or any forgotten items so plan ahead. 

  • Photo ID
  • Any balance you owe (if you didn't prepay)
  • Pen/paper for notes 
  • Appropriate clothing for weather. We will be on the range for 2 hours. There will be several heaters but please dress warm. 
  • Plans for lunch/drinks/snacks (See section on Food/Drink options for more info.) 

Optional Items:

  • If you own your own handgun already we highly encourage you to bring it and 50 rounds of ammo-- or more if you think you'll want to do extra shooting. 
  • Your own ear/eye protection if you have it. (We lend ear/eye protection for free.) 

IF YOU WILL BE TRANSPORTING A FIREARM TO CLASS- Be sure that it is unloaded and in a closed bag or case. Unloaded means that your magazines and speed-loaders are empty. You will leave the firearm in your car until we get to the range. No guns or ammunition permitted in the classroom. 

Registration Payment Options:

Our class fee is ONLY $90 and includes everything that you need to complete your training except for food/drinks which you can pack or purchase. A $10 non-refundable deposit is built in to this fee so switching dates or canceling results in forfeiting this $10 deposit. Absolutely no exceptions are made for refunding the non-refundable deposit. 


  1. PREPAY FULL $90:  Prepay the $90 class fee in whole. As a bonus with full prepayment, you will receive a free year of NRA associate membership. $10 of the $90 is the non-refundable deposit so you would pay a new $10 deposit to reschedule for a new date. The remaining $80 is refundable and transferable.  
  2. PAY $10 NOW, $80 LATER: Pay only the $10 non-refundable deposit at time of registration and pay the remaining $80 balance at the class in cash ($90 total fee). If you needed to reschedule or cancel you would lose this $10. You would pay a new $10 deposit to get registered for the new date. 
  3. PAY WITH A GIFT CERTIFICATE: If you have a gift certificate please select this option and you'll be required to turn the gift certificate in at the class as payment. The gift certificate already includes your first $10 non-refundable deposit. If you need to cancel a class date, a new $10 non-refundable deposit is required to register for the new class date. 

You can use credit or debit card through Paypal (don't have to have a paypal account or create one to do this) or mail a check/money orderIf you choose to mail a check or money order as payment, it must be received before registration can be completed. Returned checks are subject to a fee. 


You will need to pay the non-refundable deposit again. If you paid the full $90 class fee the first time, select to only pay the $10 deposit this time and use the special comments field to tell us which date you previously paid for so that we can apply the $80 to your new date.

Will I Get My Concealed Carry License the Same Day?

Just like the only place to get a driver's license is the BMV, the only place you can get a concealed carry license is the Sheriff's Office. You will not have a concealed carry license until you take this next step. You will receive a certificate of completion from Armed2Defend as you leave the class. You will show this when you go to the Sheriff's office as your proof of completing 8 hours of training.

I have ____ on my record. Am I still eligible for a concealed carry license? 

Any questions like this should be directed to the sheriff's office you will be applying at. Armed2Defend is not involved in approving/disapproving applications. 

I won't be 21 until next month. Can I take the training now? 

Yes! The certificate of completion we give you is valid for 3 years. So you can take the training as long as you're 18 or older, but you'll just have to wait until on or after your 21st birthday to apply with the Sheriff's Office.

Food & Drink Options

Ohio requires you to take 8 hours of training. If we left for lunch that time wouldn't count toward that time and our class would have to go later so we choose to do a working lunch.

You can plan to buy a ticket for the All You Can Eat Donato's Pizza Buffet for $6 or plan to pack your own lunch. There will be a variety of toppings including some vegetarian. 

For your convenience, we have different sodas and bottles of water available for purchase for $1 or you can plan to pack your own drinks for the day. 

What is the Pistol Sample Pack?

The Sample Pack is a $35 (plus tax) add-on we offer particularly for people who will be shopping for a handgun soon after class to help them get a better idea of what different styles and calibers feel like. The cost to duplicate this experience at a range on your own would easily be in the $150-$200 range so this is an amazing value. 

If you purchase this add on you will still shoot 50 rounds working with one of our many expert Range Instructors (either on our 22lr pistol or a pistol you brought). Then the last half an hour of range time we will open the sample pack lanes up for those who purchased it. 

There will be 5 lanes, one lane for each caliber and you will have opportunity to shoot two shots in each of these 18 handguns as you work your way down the lanes:

We will give you a paper with the names of the guns for you to take notes as you shoot them. This will be a valuable tool when you go gun shopping. 

*Armed2Defend does not sell guns.

Why the Name You Use to Register Matters:

The name you provide us with at registration is what we will print on your certificate of completion. When you go to the Sheriff's Office to apply for your license, the Sheriff will want the name on your certificate from Armed2Defend to match what is on your drivers license.

If you have a II, III, Jr, etc on your license, please use that when you register.

Please note: Even though our names are backwards on our license, you will type your name in normal order (first name first) for Armed2Defend's purposes. 

Registering more than one person at a time? 

You can register more than one person on the same registration. Look for the blue button that says "Add". If you click this it opens up lines for additional people that weren't there before. Only the main person will receive the immediate confirmation email. The participants will receive an emailed reminder a day or two before the class. 

This course is guaranteed to meet Ohio's concealed handgun training requirements.


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Absolutely No Hidden Fees!

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Shooting Range:

The shooting range is a covered outdoor private range in Canal Winchester. Since it is covered you won't have to worry about standing in the sun, rain, or snow. We do have several heaters but please dress appropriate for the weather.

It only takes 7 minutes to get to the range. You will receive a map to follow in class.

Looking Forward to Meeting You!