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Friday May 17th - Registration opens at 3:00 pm and the conference begins at 6:00 pm.

Conference will end Sunday May 19th at 11:30 am.


Forest Home Conference Center
40000 Valley of the Falls Dr
Forest Falls, CA 92339



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Dear precious mother who has lost a child ...

We want to welcome you with open arms and hearts to a weekend mountain retreat filled with love, encouragement, peace, comfort and hope.  It will be a special time of caring, sharing, bonding, and meeting new friends walking on the same road and journey towards healing.

The speakers and workshop leaders will share insights on grief and tools to help you cope and you will have the opportunity to choose from the following workshops: 


Marriage: The Same... Only Different
Joe Knight and Shaundra Knight
They say opposites attract, and in many cases I guess they are right. So what happens when a left brain creative musician and a right brained practical accountant face one of life's greatest challenges together...the loss of a child? In the few moments spent together during this breakout, you will laugh, smile and maybe even enjoy a few fireworks as Joe and Shaundra explore the challenges of navigating grief with differing temperaments.

Nourishing Your Body When Your Heart is Broken
Julianna Aranda
When the bottom falls out of your world nourishing your body is usually the last and least important thing on your mind. Julianna Aranda is the mother to her precious daughter Randa and works as a Registered Dietitian and Health Educator for Kaiser Permanente. Speaking from personal experience, Julianne will present simple tips to gently nourish your body as you journey on the path of healing. With time and grace may we live to honor the memory of our precious child or children.

Brokeness to Healing
Dawn Macchiavello


There are so many places in our journey that we can get stuck and feel defeated.   
Why did God let this happen?  How can I resolve feelings of guilt or unforgiveness?  How do I find purpose in my life again?  God is faithful to bring us through each of these roadblocks.  Come and be encouraged as we find ways to transform our thoughts and learn to manage our grief.
Good Grief - Shake the Toe Hold
Diane Eisendrath
It doesn't matter if it's your first year after the loss of your child or the third or the tenth or the 25th.  We moms do get stuck in our grief.  We are doing just fine and when we least expect it the grief lands on our shoulders and the cycle starts over again.  Come hear one mom's story about how she uses the help offered by Umbrella Ministries to shake the toe hold and grieve positively.  Good Grief!

Death By Chocolate, Overdose, or Suicide
Dr. Doug and BJ Jensen
This workshop is divided into two parts:  EDUCATING AND EQUIPPING.  Bereaved parents Dr. Doug and BJ Jensen will examine the misconceptions and misunderstand-ings about addictions and suicide. Then they will offer hope and help by sharing ways you can move toward healing after the death of a precious child because of an eating disorder, overdose, or suicide.
Sibling Grief
Ann Bennett
Ann Bennett, teacher and Griefshare Facilitator. This workshop will help you understand the grief process children and siblings go through. Ideas will also be presented to help your living grieving children. Our living children are often forgotten grievers but need extra love and support during this time.
The Power of Your Story
Dianne Swella
God has been writing His story in your life. He desires for you to share your story with others so that they too can come into a personal relationship with Jesus. Come learn how to effectively share how you came to a personal relationship with Jesus with others. This workshop will help you clearly communicate God's redemptive work in your life. It is designed to help you to share in front of an audience but will also help you share with others on a personal one to one conversation.
Saturday afternoon options 
during free time:
Hearts Touching Hearts
Linda Stirling
This workshop is designed to encourage mothers who have a desire to start a care group in their area. Linda will share excellent tools and material that can help even the most amateur facilitator. Learn how you might use life's most devastating experience to serve others.  Giving to others is a positive sign of the beginning of healing and a special way to honor your child's legacy. 
Jan Tamble
"Heavenly hiking" - Join Jan on a moderate hike to see Forest Home and the surrounding areas of Forest Falls....  We can venture up to Lake Mears - named after Henrietta Mears, and see the cross and rock dedicated to the spot that Billy Graham made his firm decision to follow Christ whole - heartedly...
Creating treasured bracelets with our child's 
name for 1st time attendees.
Helen Anderson


Plus, musical guest artists will lighten your heart and there will be special times celebrating and remembering your child through a beautiful candlelighting program.  May it be a journey you will fondly remember, one that is filled with FAITH, HOPE and HEALING.


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