This Learning Session will be held virtually on the Zoom Webinar Platform (click here to learn more). 

Links to join the session will be included in the Learning Session Program, which will be sent via email to all registered participants. 

Learning Session Day 1

May 3, 2019

EST:  11:00 AM - 5 PM

CST:  10:00 AM - 4 PM

MST:  9:00 AM  - 3 PM

PST:  8:00 AM - 2 PM

Learning Session Day 2

May 4, 2019

EST:  11:00 AM - 2 PM

CST:  10:00 AM - 1 PM

MST:  9:00 AM  - 12 PM

PST:  8:00 AM - 11 AM




Spring 2019 Virtual Learning Session 

Please join us for the The National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative's (NPC-QIC) Spring 2019 Virtual Learning Session. Our learning sessions have been an invaluable opportunity for parents, patients, and care center teams to learn together and improve outcomes for individuals with HLHS and their families.

Your participation in the NPC-QIC Spring 2019 Virtual Learning Session provides a chance to connect virtually with accomplished colleagues, stay current on the latest pediatric cardiology care and outcomes research, receive training and guidance, and learn from and collaborate with individuals with HLHS and their families.


Tips for Virtual Conference

  • Connect with your team to secure conference rooms (1 room for Friday, 3 rooms for Saturday) with AV capabilities so you may join the virtual session together
  • Secure AV personnel at your care center for live support during both conference dates
  • Review the Virtual Guidebook prior to the Learning Session