Thursdays: 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Session One: The Transition Individual Education Plan (IEP)
February 21

Session Two: Employment
March 14

Session Three: Guardianship
April 18

Session Four: What I wish I'd known when my child turned 18
May 9

Session Five: Post-secondary Education (PSE) options for students with autism
June 6


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T.R.A.I.L.S.  2019

Transitions for Raising Autism Independence and Living Skills

What is T.R.A.I.L.S.?

Plan for adulthood for your teen with developmental disabilities

Do you have solid plans for your child when they become an adult?  Don't wait until your child is an adult to start planning for the future. Begin the journey today with  our Transition Series (TRAILS). This series is designed to help you understand the types of decisions you & your child will be facing as they come of age. 

Don’t wait, TRAILS will assist you in blazing a trail tailored for your teen's adulthood – begin the journey now.

Sessions At A Glance

SESSION 1: The Transition Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Learn more about transition IEP's and how to make sure your students' personal transition plan is robust enough. Are you ready for when the school bus stops coming? This session will help you know what to ask for, know what your rights are and what you can expect from your school district as your child transitions into adulthood.

SESSION 2: Employment
Employment continues to be a challenge for teens and adults with autism. This session provides valuable information from the DVR that can help your loved one become more prepared for a successful transition into employment.

SESSION 3:  Guardianship
Learn about options for legal decision-making as an adult. This presentation will cover a variety of options in Wisconsin including guardianship, powers of attorney and supported decision-making. Learn about each option, how they are different and how they can potentially work together.
SESSION 4:  What I wish I'd known when my child turned 18 
What do you do when society considers your child an adult even when you still have questions like will my child be able to make decisions on their own and what type of support do they need?
Get first-hand insight from this parent panel regarding what to expect when your child turns 18.

SESSION 5:  Post-secondary education (PSE) options for students with autism 
Join Think College as they lay groundwork for why families should consider PSE for students with cognitive disabilities. Hear first-hand the perspective of a mother as well as her son with autism and an intellectual disability who attended Minnesota Life College and Edgewood. Find out the planning and steps they took to make this transition a success.

Cost per Session is $25.00

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Special Rate of $5.00 for adults on the spectrum. Use discount code:AOS when registering.  

 Information on upcoming speaker & presentation.

Feb. 21 Transition Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Each student with a disability requiring a
 Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is required by law to have a transition plan in their IEP to help them prepare for life after high school. Join Cheri Sylla from CESA #1 and the Wisconsin Parent Educator Initiative (WSPEI) as she shares experiences on how to create an IEP to include aspects of adult living and prepare your child for the adult world.