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BNI4Success, BNI's Greater Los Angeles Region 
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Thursday May 23, 2019 from 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM PDT
*Check in, Open Networking 3:10 - 3:30 pm



$33.95 for BNI members advance ticket price

$36.75 for
BNI members regular pricing  until 1 week prior to training

$39.95 for BNI members late ticket price 


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$55 on the day of event (at the door)

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BNI Regional Office **
1902 Westwood Blvd
Suite 211
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Parking: You may always park on Westwood or at the corner using the meters, but free parking is so much better isn't it? 2 hour free parking is available on Missouri, just east of the driveways and all day free parking is available just a little further east of Glendon ave.
Driving Directions
**Note - Please allow enough time for street parking

Metered on Westwood Blvd and Free deeper into the neighborhood.


The BNI4Success Greater Los Angeles region is pleased to present continuing education towards better networking.

BNI Advanced Member Success Program

Power Teams
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Are you ready to take your BNI membership to the next level?  BNI Advanced Training

You are eligible to attend Advanced Training if you have attended Member Success Program since 2016
There are five advanced workshop modules; complete all five in any order.  You are encouraged to repeat any and all modules.

Looking to find people that will pass you referrals all day, everyday? Form a POWER TEAM!

Powering Up Power Teams Advanced Training helps…

- A budding and growing power team get a starting point and a track to run on with respect to growth, structure, agendas and production of results.

- Take your BNI membership to the next level with respect to exponentially making more money. Are you getting 60-80%  of your referrals from your power team? Do you have an active power team?

- Participants understand reasons why power teams fail so we can avoid the pitfalls.

- Identify people who can pass you business all day every day and makes it easy to implement a strategy for your team.


Training led by Dave Rittenhouse, BNI4Success Training Programs Director

What members are saying:

  • Very helpful. A. S.  
  • Great Training, great trainer, good group, highly interactive. D. R. 
  • Excellent tools, well presented, good use of time. J. S. 
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3:30 pm*
(*check in and open networking start at 3:10 pm)




BNI Regional Office 
1902 Westwood Blvd.
Suite 211
Los Angeles, CA 90025




$33.95 for BNI members advance ticket price

$36.75 for
BNI members regular pricing - until 1 week prior to training date

$39.95 for BNI members late ticket price  


We're sorry this event is not available to non-members


$55 on the day of event (at the door)

RSVP: Must have prepay to confirm.
Seating is limited; we are sorry to say, non-registered pay at the door cost will be $55
Cancellation notice must be 72 hours before the event - no exceptions.

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