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All New Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Level I Certification Workshop

"That was amazing! I want you to work with my fencers."

That was the immediate response of the university fencing coach after his very first Ki-Hara private session. Although his teams have already recently scored NCAA and Ivy League championships, he now looks upon Ki-Hara as a competitive edge.

Lengthening shortened and contracted muscles and connective tissue while under resistance affords much more than the typical instant neurolgical response. The real reward lies in the progressive adaptation that restructures tendons, resulting in increased elastic force and joint stability, as well as gifting increased range of motion. "Stretch stronger!" is our creed.

The 2-day workshop covers stretches that you can teach your clients to self-administer, as well as assisted stretches that you may administer to them. You'll also discover how to problem solve for muscles that may not initially respond to stretching for a variety of reasons, including dense fascia and damaged scar tissue. As part of the workshop, you'll receive a Training Manual that includes important details about how we apply eccentrics; the rationale behind the method; exercise descriptions and pictures illustrating each exercise. You’ll also be provided  access to Ki-Hara on the Burner Fitness app, so you can reference training videos on your mobile devices.

Why continue stretching in the conventional manner, especially when the research is telling us that it's not nearly as effective as once believed?

"When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

   - Mark Twain

Physical therapists, fitness professionals, chiropractors, body workers of all types, etc., are welcome to attend. This is a completely hands-on workshop that you're sure to enjoy.  It will totally change your perspective on flexibility and add value to your practice. CEU's are available. So, click on the "Register Now" button, below.