Friday, August 30, 2019 at 12:00 PM CDT
Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 4:00 PM CDT

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Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 
563 west 600 north
Hobart, IN 46342

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 Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft 


 Two day Mag-fed only event

 Produced by 4SD 


Early Bird pre-registration (ends June23rd ) - $75

Pre-registration (ends August 26th) - $85

Walk-on registration - $90

First 100 per side to register recieve a free faction patch

First Strike 250 round box - $85 (with tax)

Graffiti - $70 2000rds  $40 - 1000  $25 - 500 


Poland, 1988

A wave of protests and strikes crash across the country demanding political change and the re-legalization of the Solidarity Union. After months of negotiations the government finally relented to demands and allowed partially open elections to be held in June 1989. After the ballots were counted the Communist United Worker’s Party had failed to even gain the votes for seats in parliament guaranteed to them by the treaties and in August an anti-communist Prime Minister was appointed with no resistance from the Soviet Union.

In response to the leniency of Party leadership a radical faction of hard-line Stalinists splintered from the UWP and formed the United Polish People’s Army to counter the rising tide of democracy. On August 25, they attempted to assassinate the newly appointed Prime Minister and retake control of the country by force. Although the coup d’etat may have failed, their movement had just begun. As sympathizers came pouring out of the woodwork, the UPPA stoked the flames of civil war. To preserve the budding young democracy forming within country the CIA secretly provided the new Polish government with weapons and intel to counter the terrorist threat and hired private military contractors to pose as anti-communist partisan fighters in the Liberty Corps to turn back UPPA ground forces.

As fighting erupted across the country, the UPPA quickly became desperate to gain an early upper hand and turn the tides of war in their favor. Acting on intel leaked by sympathizers deep within the Kremlin outraged with Gorbachev’s unwillingness to take action, the UPPA dispatched a strike force to raid a top secret Soviet research facility located in the Polish countryside in search of WMDs and heavy ordinance. However, they got sloppy in their desperation and the CIA was able to intercept UPPA radio chatter about the operation and sent in the Liberty Corps to repel the strike force and recover whatever secrets are being hidden within the facility.

As the sun rises on an eerie summer morning, the first shots ring out in a battle that will alter the course of human history forever.

** Stand by as game rules, story info, and missions will be posted through out the next couple of weeks on "Enigma: a Four Star Division Event” Facebook event page **


  -- UPPA Command --
General: "Beast" Aleksandr Borinsenkov
XO: "Deathstroke" Aidan Descourouez
XO: "Castro" KC Medina

-- LC Command --
General: "Buddha" David Gonzales
XO: Dan Pianfetti
XO: Barry Elkins



Schedule of events


  • 10:00am – Camping opens
  • 5:00pm – Walk-on registration, chrono, and check-in open
  • 8:00pm – All services close
  • Midnight – Quiet time – Camping areas need to be quiet. No loud partying.


  • 8:00am – All services open
  • 10:00am – Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation
  • 10:30pm - 1:00pm – Game on  
  • 1:00 - 2:00 - Lunch Break 
  • 2:00 - 5:00pm – Game on


  • 8:00am – All services open
  • 10:00am – Game resumes (be at your base!!)
  • 3:00pm – Game Over
  • 3:20 pm - Closing ceremonies, Awards and raffle to follow





Concession Schedule and menu

You may bring your own food and drinks, we also have a few places that will deliver to us (ask staff for details). We are located within a 5 minute drive of a variety of food places from Steakhouses to fast casual. Below is the menu and schedule for our on-site food service.


  • 5:00pm – 8pm open for drinks, snacks
  • 8:00pm – All services close
  • 8-10pm – Player party sponsored by FIRST STRIKE


  • 8:00am – Open for coffee, drinks, snacks
  • 10 - 10:30 – CLOSED during Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation
  • 10:30 – Open for Lunch items
  • 5:00pm – 7:00pm - Dinner Break
  • 7:00pm – 10pm - open for drinks, snacks 


  • 8:00am – Concessions open for Coffee, breakfast items, drinks, snacks
  • 10:30am – 2:00pm - Open for Lunch 




Chicago Finest Vienna Beef HOT DOGS - $2.50
CHIK-FIL-A SANDWICH- $5 (Sat only)

CHIK-FIL-A MEAL (Sandwich, Chips, 20oz drink) - $7   **available Saturday only**
CHEESEBURGER MEAL (Sandwich, chips, and 20oz drink) - $6
HOT DOG MEAL (1 Hot Dog, Chips, 20oz Drink) - $6
PAPA JOHNS PIZZA MEAL (2 slices, 20oz Drink) - $7