Help PPAMidwest give back in a unique way.....
with a Teddy Bear

(courtesy of IMAGEN Brands)

"Hey Buddy" Regional Association Challenge

Many in the industry knew one of its most respected leaders, the late Francis “Fran” Ford, Jr., CAS and his memorable greeting, “Hey, Buddy!”. In remembrance of this industry icon, the Hey Buddy™ Bear was born. This adorable, fun loving teddy bear was designed with hearts on its paws, a “Hey Buddy™” imprinted t-shirt, and comes with a hang tag with an image of Fran and a special heartfelt message.

PPAMidwest is participating in a regional challenge that with every bear sold, we will donate the proceeds to the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) which provides college scholarships to promotional products industry employees and their children to support general studies and industry-related educational goals. 

Help PPAMidwest in this friendly regional challenge while also donating to a great cause.  The following options are available:

  • Purchase a bear and have it donated to a child on behalf of your generous donation
  • Purchase a bear and have it shipped to you
  • Donate a monetary amount to be given directly to PPEF

If you would like your very own bear or to donate a monetary amount, click below to help PPAMidwest give back to a great cause

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