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Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 8:00 AM CDT
Friday, July 26, 2019 at 2:30 PM CDT

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Richardson Civic Center
411 Arapaho rd
Richardson, TX 75080

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Carol-lee Worth
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Barry Lane is one of the finest speakers on the teaching of writing. His combination of warmth, insight and energy is magical. My colleagues and I left our day with Barry with full hearts and high spirits, ready to bring new strategies and new energy into our writing workshops.

Lucy Calkins


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A 3-Day

Writing  Revival

                  Bring Back the Joy

Free your student's voices and watch them soar

on the STAAR Writing Test.

A dynamic 3 Day Writing Retreat

with author and outstanding presenter Barry Lane   

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          For teachers 3-12 (and anyone who teaches writing)



"If you're not excited about teaching writing after this workshop, check your pulse."

                                         Billy Morrison,  5th grade teacher

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Fee: $595 per person includes 3 books, handouts morning refreshments. 18 hours of PD certificate.


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Have you lost your passion for teaching writing or not found it yet? Has writing become more of a predictable performance and less of an art? Do your students groan when it’s time to write because they see writing as filling in simple outlines or following prescribed formulas instead of discovering their own unique voices? Do your students see elaboration as just adding more stuff because they are supposed to?

If so, you might need a 3 Day Writing Joyfest: a 3 day retreat where you, think, write, and learn ways to create a class of real writers who elaborate their ideas and craft real meaning in whatever genre they write, including the STAAR test.

3 Day Rough Agenda

Day One

  • Create a question culture and watch writing soar
  • Learn the basics of creating a real writing workshop for your students vs  just teaching STAAR test prep
  • Teaching writing as a writer
  • What is an Real Essay and how do we share 
  • Voice and choice with Poetry
  • Leading with Truth instead of just Structure
  • Turn rigor to vigor with using fluency techniques
Day Two
  • Replace formulaic writing with inquiry
  • Playing with essay structure in inventive ways
  • Teaching meaningful elaboration, not just adding more details
  • Use songs to teach students revision strategies and explore themes

Day Three

  • Using folders and portfolios to assess writing
  • Replacing grades with self assessment
  • Having fun with grammar and teaching in context
  • Playing with genre 
  • Planning for surprize and joy 
  • Teaching in a student centered way
  • Celebrating writing everyday
  • Bringing it all home
  • Replacing rigor with vigor


If this workshop doesn't ignite your passion for teaching writing you might want to make sure you have a fuse!

                                                                Laurie McDaniel, 9th grade

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