Tuesday, April 2, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

Plus, you will receive an email from Karen to sign-up for your individual session on or before April 2.  
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This is an online event plus a follow-up individual coaching experience. You will receive an email from Karen to sign-up for your individual session on or before April 2.  


Karen Eber Davis 
Karen Eber Davis Consulting 

Five Secrets to Time Management in Nonprofits

 Webinar and Individual Coaching Experience

You've got a ton to do now.

So, what happens when you get even more successful?

What could you achieve if you doubled your productive time?

This spring, take your nonprofit leadership to a new level. Learn to steer clear of time sinkholes that suck your hours and energy. Instead, invest your hours creating more mission, enthusiastic fans, and raising money.

Join an intimate group of nonprofit professionals for this interactive educational series to blow up your toughest time management challenges. Put what you learn to work immediately with the follow-up challenge. Plus, fine-tune your results in a customized follow-up session with Karen.
Fire up your time management expertise. Stop saying: "If only I had more time." Start saying: "I can't believe how much we accomplished."

Session Content for Five Secrets to Time Management In Nonprofits 

  • Discover the top five nonprofit time management myths
  • Master the “build a relationship” time sinkhole
  • Discover actions to keep your focus on your top priorities 
  • Power up your “Time’s Up Techniques.”
  • Model improved time management to those with whom you work   
  • Plus seven quick tips and a challenge to take immediately 

How Is Five Secrets to Time Management in Nonprofits Different?

Instead of one learning opportunity, you get three:

  1. A time-mastery session with peers on April 2. (Recorded, but you must register before the session to access the recording.)
  2. An assignment to complete in five or fewer minutes per day that has proven time and again to provide clients “ah-ha” insights and better time investments
  3. PLUS an individual coaching session with Karen to design your time management solutions

I enjoyed the way you presented the material in an easily approachable and fun manner. The participants appreciated the tips you shared as well as the time management tools.--Pamela Greenleaf, Program Manager, Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay

What’s in it for You?

  • Answers to your top questions
  • Fresh approaches to coping with nonprofit time sinkholes
  • A challenge to use what you learn
  • Customized advice to unclog your inbox and launch forward on your priorities.   
The Five Secrets to Time Management in Nonprofits series expands your nonprofit management skills. You’re encouraged to:
  • Listen to and read the bonus materials
  • Ask questions
  • Participate in the discussion  
  • Apply what you learn 
  • Send questions to Karen in advance of your one-on-one session 

I have an incredible amount of good, actionable ideas here from our meetings. I can’t thank you enough for your ideas and guidance.--Mark LeeCo-Founder, Denise Amber Lee Foundation


Webinar and Personal Session with Karen Eber Davis: $199.00

Member's of Karen's Mentor Program: $150.00

Sign up today and get:

  • E-book: Time Management for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Video: Time Management Entrepreneur
  • Plus, be one of the first five people to register and get a call from Karen to share your biggest time management challenges—and shape the webinar's content.

Why is Karen Tweaking the Tried and True Webinar Mold?  

You’ve told me you need customized solutions to your biggest challenges at an affordable price. By offering you a great webinar, an assignment, plus a mini-coaching session, you’ll get the best of all worlds—peer learning, practice on what you learn, and individual guidance to help your organization to thrive. (Need more? Read about other Nonprofit Hero You Opportunities.)

When you’re busy, you spend 95 percent of your time putting out fires, and 5 percent on the important. By shifting your focus to the important by 5 percent, you’ll make quantum vision leaps forward. –Karen

About Karen Eber Davis

Karen guides leaders to build exceptional nonprofits. People hire Karen to increase their revenues by up to 300 percent; they also gain strategies that improve their organizations forever. For more see www.kedconsult.com, call or email Karen at 941-924-4860 or karen@kedconsult.com.