Friday, May 17, 2019 from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM EDT
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Aloft Miami Doral 
3265 NW 107th Ave
Doral, FL 33172

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Attorney Marketing Annex Breakfast Network
May 17th, 2019 | 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Become Your Clients’ Super Hero!

Learn how to save them from Uncle Sam’s retirement trap!

 You’ve worked hard to protect and help your clients but your arch enemy, 

 Uncle Sam, has an unexpected tax trap in store for them!

In this seminar you will gain super powers to help your clients avoid this trap so

they can truly enjoy tax free retirement income!

Meet our Keynote Speaker

Jorge E. Gonzalez

Focused, Innovator, Results-generating sales professional with a flawless track record and strong relationships in the same industry and geographical area for the last 26 years. Jorge Gonzalez is
licensed to sell securities in Florida, however not affiliated to any particular broker dealer at this moment. He is also insurance-licensed in Florida. An endorsement of Jorge may not reflect others’ views or experience.


The US Government is trying to keep Medicare from going bankrupt by adding surcharges to Medicare premiums for high-income earners. 

MEDICARE uses a table of 5 income brackets called IRMAA to determine whether you are a “high-income beneficiary” that must pay a surcharge on your mandatory Medicare premiums.

IRMAA INCOME BRACKETS were drastically lowered on January 2018 so that anyone who makes $85,0001 individually or a married couple filing jointly makes $170,001 must pay 35% in addition to their regular Medicare payments. And that is just income bracket #1.
HIGHER INCOME BENEFICIARIES (bracket #5) are forced to pay up to 80% in addition to their regular Medicare payments! These payments are taken out of your Social Security check!
YOUR INCOME IS CALCULATED BY MEDICARE from your wages two years prior to retirement, savings and retirement plans, annuities, 401Ks, IRA,s, rental income, many other sources, and even Social Security itself! And, believe us, the IRS knows what you make!
ONE DOLLAR IS ALL IT TAKES TO MOVE FROM ONE BRACKET TO THE NEXT! So, you might be safe at the age of retirement but when your or your spouse’s retirement plans begin the distribution phase, your income level may change, and so will your IRMAA bracket. 


- Identify which IRMAA income bracket your clients fall under, whether they are at risk of having to pay these surcharges, and when!
- How to illustrate the problem for your clients in a clear and visually stunning way!
- Keep your clients’ income outside of “IRMAA’s radar” with government-approved financial strategies.
- Distinguish your business practice from your competitors and expand your business. 
- Help your clients avoid Uncle Sam’s trap so they can enjoy tax free retirement income!
- Become your clients’ super hero!