Monday, March 18, 2019 at 1:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 1:00 PM EDT

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Koga Fitness 

K-Fit 30

"One Month Mission"




          Give Us 30 Days And We'll Give You The BEST Results

Of Your LIFE!


     Due to the overwhelming response, interest and results of our 1st K-Fit 30 "One Month Mission" it's time for Mission #2 K-Fit 30 Online Body Challenge starting 3.18.19 Mission #2 will bring you even more online workouts from our K-Fit 30 trainers, more prizes, new health & wellness products and even better support from our fitness / medical professionals. Join Us!

     Your K-Fit 30 trainers Dani K, Chris "Oz" Osman, Jon Koga and newest K-Fit 30 trainer "Mr. Koga California" Pat Garrett are beyond excited to get this mission started. They have put together some incredible new workouts for all levels and ages in this mission #2.

         Whats new in this mission #2? For starters, we have added even more all natural toxin and paraben free products / supplements to maximize your results. We have also partnered up with Dr. Jack Osman (inventor Skinfold BodyFat Caliper) to provide you with a great tool / device that will give you an accurate reading of your fat loss via his Skinfold Caliper (incuded in all paid options except 50 / 50 split option) A tutorial "How To Use" video will be provided for you. Also, we are really excited to have also partnered up with Arctic Blu Cooling Towels (the best colling towel on the market) so we can keep all that sweat from your K-Fit 30 workouts nice and cool n dry. Finally, we will once again be utilizing the technology of the fitness trackers iWatch & FitBit as these devices worked great for us in the last mission. If you don not have one of these devices, you CAN STILL participate in this mission with us no worries. Oh yeah lets not forget that all K-Fit 30 participants will recieve a free download of the KogaFit Fitness App! Please, please, please invite EVERYONE that you know to join you in this mission and share this post / link to all of your social media pages. Have a favorite trainer or product that you want to see featured on these K-Fit 30 One Month Missions? Let us know! 



1) Must log in all of your daily workout / activities 

2) Must join our "Weekly Winners" conference support calls Sunday 8:30pm EST (calls are recorded for playback)

3) Must ask for help / support / motivation whenever needed

4) Must look yourself in the mirrior every day and say " I Got This"

5) Must have FUN!!!!


Contact Us at Info@KogaFit.com 

"Weekly Winners" Call in number 641-715-0874

Access Code 6473523


    As always, have fun, be safe and work at your own pace throughout this mission. This is your mission NOT anyone else that is competing in it. Your ownly competitor is you. All that we ask is that you safely challenge yourself and use all the tools / support that we are providing for you within this mission. The result will come trust us. This isnt about how much weight you can lose in 1 month. This is about how we can succefully help you create a healthy lifestyle change after 21 days and make this journey an enjoyable one for you. And we will! On behalf of all your K-Fit 30 trainers and brand partners click the link below and "Welcome To Your Mission"


Fitfully, Team K-Fit 30