Greg DeConciliis
MAASC President

MAASC 2019 Membership Drive 


Thank you to all those individuals, facilities and vendors for your paid memberships and updated contact information. We appreciate your support! 

Support MAASC and enjoy all the membership benefits below:

  • MAASC solely promotes the interests of single and multispecialty freestanding ambulatory surgical centers (ASC’s) in Massachusettes.
  • MAASC was directly responsible for defeating last year's proposed ASC tax legislation. As the tax is again on the legislative agenda, MAASC will stay diligent to protect the interests of our members. 
  • MAASC has filed legislation to promote and encourage access to high quality, cost effective ASC outpatient care. 
  • MAASC is working to resolve difficult contract and reimbursement policies and to ensure fair reimbursement for quality ASC service.
  • MAASC is the proud sponsor of the Annual Northeast ASC Conference. MAASC members benefit from early registration and discounted rates!    

JOIN NOW! The stronger we are, the better we can protect your interests.

If you have any questions, or would like to receive additional membership information, please email me.


Greg DeConciliis

 MAASC President