Monday - Friday

June 17th-21st


Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

2200 N. Pearl St.

Dallas, TX 75201

Registration Deadline: May 29th

 Room Block Deadline: May 24th

Scholarship Deadline: May 18th

Who Should Attend?

Training classes are only open to counselors and staff working for a nonprofit, unit of local government or community based organization in Texas, interested providing successful homebuyer and financial education and/or affordable housing.

What type of Certification does the training provide?

NeighborWorks America offers a variety of certification programs, including certifications for both homeownership counselors and affordable housing providers. For more information about the different certifications, including the requirements to obtain or maintain a certification and the application forms for each, click here.


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Thank you for your interest in Housing Connection training. TSAHC is bringing NeighborWorks America to Dallas to provide the following courses in June:

HO103: Lending Basics for Homeownership Counselors - $75
This course is designed to introduce homeownership counselors to the basic procedures involved in first mortgage lending. Areas covered in this overview are loan origination, processing, underwriting, closing and servicing. Conventional and FHA loan products are described along with brief discussions on credit scoring, appraisals, subprime and predatory lending. Participants learn how to prequalify potential borrowers including calculating loan amounts and monthly mortgage payments.

ML120: Strategic Thinking and Planning - $50
This two-day course focuses on why strategic thinking and effective planning are vital to organizational survival and success. Participants will learn about the skills used in strategic thinking and will have an opportunity to practice these skills through interactive activities and case studies. The course covers the steps involved in organizational strategic planning and provides tools and examples to take home. Emphasis will be on the integration of strategic thinking and planning practices at all levels of the organization to adapt to rapidly shifting trends and forces in real time. Ideal attendees include executive and senior management staff members, board members, and staff members of nonprofit organizations.
 *NEW* One organization attending the Strategic Thinking and Planning course will be selected to receive a full organizational assessment at no cost, which will help the organization identify strengths, pinpoint areas of improvement, and offer solutions for reaching program goals and outcomes.  This opportunity is made possible by our partner JPMorgan Chase.

HO210: Practice, Study, Success: Test Strategies for HUD's Counselor Exam- $50

Join us for this new 2-day course, designed by professionals who have passed the exam. Utilizing the HUD Study Guide, gain confidence and knowledge while learning what you need to know to pass this exam. Practice sample test questions and learn strategies with your peers as you prepare to cram for this exam. Learn time management techniques and a variety of methods to recall information for successful results. Note: this course focuses on testing strategies and practice. Our newly updated and expanded 3-day HO200: Ready, Set, Prep: Tackling the HUD Counselor Exam Step by Step course is recommended as a companion course to help you master the content of the 6 counseling topic areas.

AH102: Basic Steps of Affordable Housing Development - $50
This course leads participants through the basics steps of developing an affordable housing project from site selection and project feasibility through development team selection to budget design and funding. It will provide a secure groundwork for new project managers as well as providing Executive Directors and Board Members a base of knowledge that will allow them to adequately follow the development process.

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