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Delaney Wildlife Management Area 
314 Harvard Rd
Stow, MA 01775
 Stow, MA

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Delaney is a coveted Massachusetts Wildlife Management Area (WMA), managed jointly by the Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW, known as Mass Wildlife) with other agencies.

Retriever training access to WMA grounds is becoming more and more rare and we are grateful to the DFW and supporting agencines for granting the LRCGB a permit for Tuesday training.


Rainer Fuchs, Sudbury, MA. Long-time trainer, field trial and hunt test competitor, AKC judge.

2019 Basics and Transition Retriever Training

Do you have a young eager retriever and want him to get the right start for a bright hunt test career? Did you complete our Beginning Retriever class and are curious what it takes to teach your dog advanced skills? Did you watch advanced dog work and were intrigued by how dogs and handlers worked together as a team to find hidden birds?

LRCGB is happy to announce a new training program for our hunting retrievers:

Basics and Transition Retriever Training is aimed at providing dogs and handlers with the skills required to succeed at the senior and master hunter level.


Dogs do not suddenly wake up and know how to respond to whistle and hand signals and can complete blinds. A series of well-defined steps is needed to establish the necessary competencies in a retriever. Most training programs today are modeled on a method popularized by Mike Lardy. Going through the program may seem daunting, and it is not easy without help and advice from experienced trainers. Options in our area are increasingly scarce, so LRCGB is launching the new Basics and Transition Retriever Training to assist our members on this journey.

As the name implies, the program will cover the Basics and Transition phases in the Lardy approach, from collar conditioning and force fetch to pile work, from double-T to pattern blinds to cold blinds.


This is *not* a traditional class. Different dogs (and handlers) will proceed at different paces through the program. Certain steps will come naturally to some dogs, others may struggle a bit longer before it “clicks”. To address those natural differences, the format of the class is short sessions with each dog, working on the specific needs of that dog for whatever step it is on in the program. A session may take 20 minutes or 10 or 5, based on the training objective. 

For this program to be successful handlers must do their homework and work with their dogs in between sessions. Handlers should not expect that their dog will be able to move through the whole program in one season. A solid foundation and proficiency at each step is more important than speed.

*** Please understand that this is a new LRCGB offering – it is likely that we will need to adjust the program as *** we go along and learn from what works and what doesn’t work in this format.


  • A dog eager to retrieve and able to do single retrieves successfully, with a solid return to handler
  • A handler eager to learn and work with their dog outside of class
  • Electronic collar 
  • Whistle
  • 12 to 20 white bumpers, 6 to 12 orange bumpers. Not required for class but for your homework.
  • Internet access, for signup.

If you need to buy an electronic collar, a whistle, or bumpers, do *not* go out and randomly shop. Your instructor will be happy to advise.


Delaney Wildlife Management Area, Stow, MA.

Grounds will be shared with the Continuing Retriever Training group and in the spring wih the Beginning Retriever Class. Participants in Basics and Transition training can join the main training group after their 1:1 session (separate registration required).

Dates and Sign-up

Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Starting April 16 through October 1.

To allow for individual attention we will use an online sign-up sheet. Slots will be 20 minutes. Sign-ups need to be completed by the Sunday prior to the training session.

Please be flexible to allow for overruns and patient to let other dogs finish their work even if it takes a bit longer. You’re welcome to come early to watch other dogs work and maybe get started sooner. 


This class is limited to members of LRCGB and graduates of this year’s Beginning Retriever Class. The cost is $50 per dog for the whole year, regardless of the number of sessions the dog participates in. 

Register below. Only Paypal payments accepted, no checks.

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

By registering you agree to this waiver:

In consideration of acceptance of this application by the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston (LRCGB), the undersigned hereby releases and forever discharges the LRCGB and its representatives from any and all claims, demands and liabilities to the undersigned’s person and/or property, including the undersigned’s dog(s), which may result during the course of the undersigned’s participation in training or events.  The undersigned also hereby agrees, in consideration of said acceptance, to defend, protect and save harmless the LRCGB and its representatives from any loss, damage or expense by reason of litigation or otherwise on account of arising directly or indirectly out of the undersigned’s or the undersigned’s dog’s participation in the said training or event.