Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 5:00 PM CDT
Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 2:00 PM CDT

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San Gabriel Park 
445 E Morrow St
Georgetown, TX 78626

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Markus Smith 
Texas Chapter International Society of Arboriculture 
(512) 789-8733 

Refund Policy: No refunds will be made after May 11, 2018. Refunds before that will be charged a $25 processing fee.

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Come to Georgetown and see if you have what it takes
to be the next Texas Tree Climbing Champion!

Note: Regular registration for the climbers is now closed. If you would like to compete, please follow these instructions:

1. Contact Markus Smith (markusloud@gmail.com) by email an tell him you are interested in a standby slot. This will put you in chronological order on the wait list.

2. Show up ready to go at gear check and if there are open slots, you will be considered for the competition.

This year the competition will be held in San Gabriel Park, 445 E Morrow St., Gerogetown, TX 78626

The competition aims to simulate working conditions of arborists in the field. Male and female competitors perform five different events during preliminary rounds. Each event tests a competitor’s ability to professionally, and safely maneuver in a tree while performing work-related tree-care tasks in a timely manner.

Tree climbing competitions under ISA rules are held in countries around the world.

The winners of our Texas competition qualify to represent the Texas Chapter in the 2019 International Tree Climbing Competition and the 2019 North American Climbing Championship. 

Overview of preliminary events:

The Ascent event tests the competitor’s ability to efficiently and safely use their selected and approved ascent system. The event assesses the competitor’s efficiency in attaching the ascent system to the ascent line(s), ascending to the bell, and transferring into a descent system. The actual descent is not part of the event. Points are earned for speed as well as for meeting predetermined safety objectives. Ascent Event Rules and the Ascent Event Visual Guide

The Throwline is a timed event that tests the competitor’s ability to accurately place a throwline and/or climbing line in a tree. Competitors attempt to toss a throwline or climbing line through two of eight targets set in trees. Targets vary in difficulty and number of points earned. Each competitor is allowed unlimited throws within 6 minutes. Highest cumulative points total wins.

The Aerial Rescue event is a timed event that tests the competitor’s ability to climb to and safely lower a 160 pound climber who is unable to descend without assistance. Competitors shall perform a risk assessment, a pre-climb assessment, and an onsite casualty assessment, and should use all relevant techniques to ensure that the rescue process does not exacerbate the pre-decided injury. Points are allocated for performance throughout the event with highest points total winning the event. See a video here.

The Work Climb tests the competitor’s ability to move about the tree using a climbing system. Each competitor starts from a staging area in the tree and is required to visit five work stations throughout the tree, performing a specified task at each station. Competitors earn objective points for successfully completing the task at each station and ringing the bell (or sounding the horn) with either a handsaw, pole pruner, or hand, as indicated. At certain stations, a competitor can earn points for completing the additional tasks. Competitors can also lose points for failing to properly complete certain other tasks. Competitors earn subjective points based on safety, control, style, poise, and creativity at the discretion of the judges. Finally, a competitor can be penalized for unsafe or uncontrolled acts at the discretion of the Event Head Judge that could result in disqualification. The time limit for this event is 5 minutes. See a video here.

The Speed Climb tests the competitor’s ability to climb a predetermined route from the ground to 50 feet up a tree with a belayed climbing system for safety. The event is timed, and the competitor who reaches and rings the final bell of the course, in the least amount of time wins.

Final: The Masters’ Challenge is the final round of the competition. The top men and top women finishers from the preliminary events advance to the Masters’ Challenge to compete for the title. The Masters’ Challenge is designed to judge the competitors’ overall productivity and skill. Competitors are judged and scored on their knowledge and their ability to demonstrate mastery of different climbing techniques, use of equipment, poise in the tree, and safe working practice.

This years competition:

Mandatory gear inspection will be held on Thursday evening, May 16th, from 5:00-9:00 PM at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Georgetown, 431 North Interstate 35.

All other workshop, preliminary and final events will be held at San Gabriel Park, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday respectively. You are to arrive for the event walk through at San Gabriel Park on May 17th, 2019 at 7:30 a.m. sharp. If you are experiencing difficulty arriving to roll call on time, please call Markus Smith 512-467-8733. If you are not present for roll call, you will be disqualified and your entry fee forfeited. If you are not present with your rotation group when your name is called at any individual event, you will be disqualified from that event. All preliminary events are to conclude by the end of the day on Friday, May 17th weather permitting. The master’s challenge will be held on Saturday, May 18th and will also host a recreational climb, the Stocksaw Competition and the Texas Arbor Fair. These events will be open to the public, so please feel free to bring family and friends!

Be sure to sign the insurance acknowledgement form and the release form. You may not compete in the Texas Chapter Competition unless we have the insurance acknowledgement and the release form signed by you. You will be asked to sign these documents upon registration on the day of preliminaries, or you may also bring them with you already signed.

You will also find a blank gear inspection form, a completed example gear inspection form (including a brief understanding of the gear inspection process), as well as an electronic copy of the most recent Rule Book. In order to streamline the gear inspection process, we ask that you please fill out the gear check form before you arrive on May 16th. If you have questions, help will be on site to assist.

All forms and instructions can be found on the 2019 Texas Tree Climbing Competition Homepage here: https://isatexas.com/events/tree-climbing-competition/

Contact Markus Smith, Chair at markusloud@gmail.com or 512.467.8733
or Jim Dossett, Head Judge at jdossett@bartlett.com or 512-240-3060
for more information

See you in Georgetown!