Thursday, May 2, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM


Humboldt Area Foundation, Emmerson Room 
363 Indianola Rd.
Bayside, CA 95524

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Iva Dubyak 
Equity Alliance of the North Coast 

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Colonization, the US, and the North Coast - Part I - May 2019 Equity Alliance Roundtable 

Have you wondered how much of your perceptions and current behavior are conditioned by the past? The Equity Alliance of the North Coast is excited to continue our public Racial Equity Roundtables with our May 2nd offering: “Colonization*, the US, and the North Coast - Part I.” Our May and June Roundtables will begin to explore the concept of colonization -- a practice of domination and political, social and economic arrangements that keep indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups in a state of perpetual structural disadvantage. In May, we will use video clips to provide examples of colonialism in the US, then engage in small group discussion to make connections between past policies and current inequities. In race-based affinity groups, we will explore the legacies of colonialism in our personal lives and communities. Coming back together, we will consider and discuss the links between race and colonialism. We will end with a hopeful nod toward the concept of decolonization**.  

*Colonization Definition: Broadly, colonization is the practice of domination and political, social and economic arrangements that keep indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups in a state of perpetual structural disadvantage. Colonization occurs in many ways, from exploitative resource extraction to strict enforcement of outside belief systems. It rarely occurs in only one way.

**Decolonization Definition: Decolonization has many meanings to many different individuals and groups. Here, we are using the term to refer to the simultaneous rejection of colonization and pursuit of colonial healing. For example, encouraging one's children to learn an indigenous language both rejects the legacy of language suppression while also developing non-white cultural connections.

All Roundtable sessions include time for personal reflection (including thinking and feeling), small group conversation, and practice talking about race, with an aim of supporting productive dialogue about race and racism both during the session and beyond. Facilitated by Aristea Saulsbury and Melissa Meiris. Register soon as space is limited. Event registration is sliding scale ($5, $10 or $15) and scholarships are available. If you need a scholarship, please choose the no fee option while registering or let us know at the door. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. Child care will be provided by the Equity Alliance for the duration of the event because of our generous donors. Humboldt Area Foundation’s Community Center has a first floor power-assisted entrance and bathrooms that are ADA compliant. Please contact us for additional information on accessibility and accommodations.

Cancellations: A full refund will be given if your registration is canceled 24 hours prior to the session for which you registered. Any cancellations within that time-frame are non-refundable, with exception for those with emergencies.