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Manhattan Beach 
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Dana Taylor Old and Renee Hall 
Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair 

2019 Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair 

The Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Board of Directors invites you to apply to participate in the Annual Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.  Old fashioned fun, food, entertainment, games, arts and crafts and community displays make this a wonderful community event.

DEADLINES:  Water/Soda applications are due June 7th and Food Booth applications are due August 4th.  NOTE that Water/Soda applications will be sent out by Thursday, May 9th.

Food Booth Information

The Food Booths at the Manhattan Beach Hometown fair are a mix of old and new.  Several organizations have hosted a Food Booth for many years in a row and each year there are new groups who recognize this unique fundraising opportunity and apply to participate.

On average, there are 60+ local charitable organizations who apply to host a Food Booth.  For many this is a primary source of funding for their groups cause. 

The Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Board of Directors strives to enhance the event each year to provide opportunities for our local charitable groups to thrive.  

Food Vendor Qualifications

Local, charitable organizations which are non-profit and have 501(c)3 status, are eligible to apply.  Preference is given to organizations that directly contribute to the Manhattan Beach community.  Commercial food vendors will not be accepted

To maximize the fundraising opportunities for every group and to avoid duplication, only one food type (with the exception of beverages) will be allowed on Live Oak and Dorsey Fields.  In addition, organizations are only allowed to sell the food item(s) for which they've been approved, no exceptions.  For example, a group selling hot dogs may not also sell water. 

Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Water & Soda Booth Lottery

This year, the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair is continuing its efforts to be environmentally conscious and taking strides to be 'green'.  MORE INFORMATION TO COME ON THE WATER/SODA LOTTERY.

L.A. County Health Department Compliance

Complying with the regulations set forth by the L.A. County Health Department is critically important to provide safe, enjoyable event for all.  To that end, all food booth vendors will be required to apply for a temporary health permit by completing the L.A. County "Plan and Application for Temporary Event Sponsor" form which will be made available following the submission and approval of your registration.   

All food vendors must supply all equipment necessary to meet L.A. County Health Department regulations, including a canopy that is enclosed on three sides, appropriate ground covering, a hand washing station set inside the canopy, proper equipment for storage and serving food, etc.

Additionally the L.A.County Health Department requires groups to provide proof of their non profit/501(c)3 status to avoid paying an additional fee.  Such written documentation must be provided if this is not already on file with the MBHF Food Chair 


NEW! City of Manhattan Beach Sustainability Compliance

The purpose of Municipal Code Section 5.80 is to regulate the use of certain polystyrene products and single-use plastic and other single use products in order to protect the health of Manhattan Beach citizens and promote environmentally sustainable practices in the City.

  • Eliminate Single-Use Plastic: Plastic disposable straws, utensils, and stirrers distributed by food providers, whether for use on-site, to-go, or delivery, cannot be of plastic origin.
  • Disposable straws, stirrers, and utensils must be made from non-plastic materials, including but not limited to paper, sugar cane, wood, or bamboo.
  • Polystyrene #6 egg cartons, produce trays and packing materials are prohibited.

Violation of this municipal code could result in the following fines:

  • Not exceeding $100 for the first violation
  • Not exceeding $200 for the second violation
  • Not exceeding $500 for the third violation

 For more information, please go to: https://www.citymb.info/PlasticFreeMB

Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage

A Certificate of Liability will be required from each vendor that demonstrated insurance coverage for the event.  Further details on actual requirements will be forthcoming, along with options for where to by the coverage for a nominal cost, should your organization not curently have it.  If your organization is affiliated with the Manahttan Beach Unified School District, it is likely that an exsisting umbrella policy would provide coverage, however a copy of that certificate is required.  Other parent organizations may also have an umbrella policy, so please check before processing your own.

Participation Fees

The Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Board of Directors strives to keep fees at a minimum so that local charitable organizations can reap the benefits of this unique fundraising opportunity.  In paying the base registration fee, each organization will be provided with appropriate space for their food booth.  Each organization is required to supply all equipment necessary to meet L.A. County Health Department regulations, including items such as a canopy that is enclosed on three sides, appropriate ground covering, hand washing station, tables, chairs, utensils and other supplies necessary to operate the booth.

Base Fee

The Base fee for a '10x10' (Single) Food Booth space is $150 for a Manhattan Beach Non-Proft Organization and $200 for a Non Manhattan Beach Non-Profit Organization.  The base fee for a '10x20' (Double) Food Booth Space is $250 for a Manhattan Beach Non-Profit Organization and $300 for a Non Manhattan Beach Non-Proft Organiztion.

Optional Fees

Electricity:  If your booth will need electricity, you must request it .  It is not available at all booth locations and we want to make every attempt to avoid electrical outages which have repeatedly occured during previous fairs.  An electrical connection is available for $55 for each 20 Amp.  Users are required to supply their own electrical cords

BBQ Space: The Manhattan Beach Fire Department prohibits open flame cooking inside any booth or under any canopy, so if you intend to BBQ, you will need to request this space.  These 10'x10' open spaces are positioned adjacent to your booth space for $100.  Those organizations choosing this type of booth must also adhere to the regulations set forth by the Manhattan Beach Fire Department.

Scout House Storage: Limited storage space is available for non-perishable food items. The fee is $20 for this option.

Returning Booth Space Fee:  $50 fee for organizations to reserve the same Food Booth Space from 2018.

Fees are non-refundable due to inclement weather, or if the event cannot occur for any reason.  There will be a $35 fee for any returned checks.

Security Details

Overnight Security will be provided Friday and Saturday nights, however, each organization is responsible for its booth.  The MBHF is not responsible for loss by, or damage to any vendor, equipment, inventory and/or materials.

Application Process

Step 1  Click on the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair logo to read the indemnification Clause

Step 2  Complete the application form by clicking "Register Now" link below.

Step 3  Make check payable to "MBHF".  Be certain to tally all fees for your requested booth space, optional service fee and the fee to secure your Food Booth locations, if desired.

Step 4  Mail the check, along with the organization's documentation of the group's 501(c)3/ Non-profit status to Dana Taylor Old, Food Chair, MBHF, 1601 N. Sepulveda, Blvd, #831, Manattan Beach, CA 90266.

Step 5  An email notification will be sent to confirm your receipt of your application.  Confirmation of the exact food your organization has been approved to sell will come at a later date.  We will also provide exact requirements for the Certificate of Insurance upon receipt of your application.