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TMI Workshop:
Tuesday 16 July 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and continuing thru Thursday 18 July 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Metropolitan State University of Denver 
1250 7th Street – Seventh Street Classroom
Auraria Campus - Aviation & Aerospace Science Department
Parking instructions to be provided
Denver, CO 80204

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Linda King 
303-829-4511 (text) 

2019 Denver BEST Robotics Teacher / Mentor Institute (TMI) Workshop 

TMI Workshop Tuesday - Thursday 16-18 July, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM 

Teacher / Mentor Institute (TMI) is a FREE three-day educational workshop for teachers and mentors who plan to support competing BEST Hub student teams. 

Click on blue Register Now! button to register by 9 July. Due to space limitations, we may need to limit the number of attendees.

NEW for Teachers in 2019

  We are working to get approval to offer 3 CEUs to qualifying teachers. We anticipate a CEU fee similar to 2018 of $20.  More information will be provided once we get approval.

 All training at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Aviation and Aerospace Science Department - Seventh Street Classroom

Please forward this invitation to your mentors and teachers! 

Additional details below including a detailed map.

2018 TMI Teachers and Robots

The TMI WORKSHOP uses hands-on sessions to build and compete with a mini robot built by participant teams to prepare you for this year's competition.  The 3 days are designed to be a shortened version of the 6-week student BEST seasonParticipants use BEST returnable robot kit electronics and mini robot consumable kits to build their robot and use provided easyC software to program the control of the robot. 

Hands-on sessions focus on using the Engineering Design Process to design, fabricate, program and test, and improve their mini-robot. Participants learn about the awards and judging process with peer review of mini-engineering notebook. 

Closing out the workshop are additional BEST season details and panel discussions with experienced BEST teachers, mentors, and students.

Prior to 30 June, we will provide advance preparation instructions.  The online website reading and viewing material includes the following topics:  
  1. TMI Workshop Introduction
  2. BEST Robotics Competition Introduction
  3. Engineering and Engineering Design Process Introduction
  4. Software Introduction - including easyC programming*
  5. VEX Robotics Introduction
  6. TMI Workshop Robot Competition Rules
  7. BEST Engineering Notebook Introduction

* If there is interest, we plan to offer a live 60 minute presentation of the easyC programming charts for those that need additional help.

We highly encourage each school to send at least one (1) representative. Three (3) teachers / mentors are allowed to attend per competing team. We recommend that at least one participant be a teacher. The other two participants may be teachers and/or mentors. A parent may be a mentor!  Students are NOT allowed to attend TMI.  

WORKSHOP DRAFT SCHEDULE - based on 2018 schedule - expect some changes

TUESDAY - 16 July

  • 8:30 AM         START OF DAY 1 Training Goals & Expectations
  • 9:00 AM         BEST Robotics Competition in STEM Education
  • 9:15 AM         Form Teams and Enter Demographics Info
  • 10:00 AM       TMI Kickoff: Game and Competition Intro & Rules
  • 10:45 AM       TMI Kickoff: Safety Rules & Training
  • 11:00 AM       TMI Kickoff: Kits Intro & Rules
  • 11:30 AM       TMI Kickoff: Engineering Design Process Intro 
  • 11:45 AM       Engr Design Process: Goal & Ask Steps 
  • 1:00 PM         Engr Design Process: Imagine Step 
  • 2:45 PM         Tools Intro
  • 3:00 PM         Awards & Judging Intro
  • 4:00 PM         Team Organization
  • 4:30 PM         END of DAY 1


  • 8:30 AM         START OF DAY 2 - Quick review
  • 8:45 AM         Engr Design Process: Hardware, Software, Notebook Create #1
  • 11:00 AM       Engr Design Process: Robot Test #1
  • 11:30 AM       Engr Design Process: Hardware, Software, Notebook Improve #1
  • 12:45 PM       Engr Design Process: Hardware, Software, Notebook Create #2
  • 2:45 PM         TMI Practice Day: Engr Design Process: Robot Test #2
  • 3:15 PM         Engr Design Process: Hardware, Software, Notebook Improve #2
  • 4:30 PM         END of DAY 2

THURSDAY - 18 July 

  • 8:30 AM             START OF DAY 3 - Quick review
  • 8:45 AM         Judge Notebook
  • 9:15 AM         TMI Game Day: Mini Competition
  • 11:00 AM       Awards Ceremony
  • 11:15 AM       BEST Competition Rules and Robotics Competition
  • 11:45 AM       Safety Training Examples
  • 12:15 PM       Forming a Team (Experienced BEST Competitor Panels)
  • 1:15 PM         Advanced Engineering Design Process
  • 1:45 PM         BEST Competition Awards and Optional BEST Award
  • 2:30 PM         Advanced Tools
  • 3:30 PM         Wrap Up
  • 4:00 PM         END of DAY 3

Morning snack and lunch will be provided.

Workshop attendees are asked to bring a laptop and basic tools (e.g., electric drill, screwdrivers, wrenches, small saw, scissors, and tin snips) for each school.

Parking directions to be provided in a separate email 

8:30 AM               START OF DAY 3 - Quick review

8:45 AM               Judge Notebook

9:15 AM               Mini Competition including Compliance, Judging and Staging

10:15 AM             Submit Most Robust & Sportsmanship Scoresheets

11:00 AM             Awards Ceremony

11:15 AM             BEST Competition Rules

11:30 AM             BEST Robotics Competition

11:45 AM             Safety Training Examples

12:15 PM             Forming a Team (Experienced Participant Panels)

1:15 PM                Advanced Engineering Design Process

1:45 PM                BEST Competition Awards

2:00 PM                BEST Award

2:30 PM                Advanced Tools

3:30 PM                Wrap Up

4:00 PM                END of DAY 3