Tuesday, June 11, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

Plus an individual coaching session.   
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This is an online event plus a follow-up individual coaching experience. You will receive an email from Karen to sign-up for your individual coaching session in early June.   


Karen Eber Davis
Karen Eber Davis Consulting

They’re your leaders.

Can you help them to fall in love with fundraising?

This June, raise your board’s leadership to a new level.

Instead of wishing your board would help raise funds, guide them to the promised land. You don’t need the right people on the bus. You want your board out in the world meeting people and helping them to fall in love with your work. You need them to identify prospects, welcome newcomers, and build relationships.

Sign-up today to participate for this three-part experience designed to transform how you guide your board.

1. Attend the webinar.

2. Put what you learn to work with the Challenge.

3. Make a custom plan for your situation.  

Stop saying: "If only my board would help.

Start saying: "I can't believe how much they do!"

This valuable session focuses on your role leading your board. Imagine your member flying into philanthropic formation. How would your bottom line improve if your board said yes to your help requests? 

Content of Turn Your Board into Revenue Heroes Webinar

  • Learn the final word on the board’s role in fundraising
  • Maximize your three levers to inspire board heroes
  • Explore seven facts all boards need to know   
  • Identify board superpowers and motivate their use 
  • Jump into the board engagement pilot seat 

Content of Your Coaching Session

  • Your greatest board successes
  • The behavior you'd most like to see changed
  • Results from your practice
  • Specific objectives, plans, and a next-step timeline 
  • Ask Karen Anything time      

How Is Turn Your Board into Revenue Heroes Different?

Instead of one learning opportunity, you get three:

  • A mastery session with your peers on June 11. (Recorded, but you must register before the session to access the recording.)
  • An assignment that leads to insights and better board-staff communications
  • PLUS an individual coaching session to design your organization's hero journey

Karen has an uncanny ability to help stakeholders–-board members, donors, staff leadership, and clients to discover their mission commitment and galvanize it into action--Laura Breeze, Advancement Director, The Education Foundation of Sarasota County

What’s in it for You?

  • Answers to your top concerns 
  • Fresh approaches to boards and building your culture of philanthropy
  • An opportunity to use what you learn—and get feedback 
  • Customized advice for your board    

Turn Your Board into Revenue Heroes will expand your leadership skills. To maximize the benefit: 

  • Listen to and read the bonus materials
  • Participate in the discussion  
  • Apply what you learn 
  • Send questions to Karen before your session

You were incredibly well-received. I heard only positive feedback on your excellent presentation! You certainly engaged the crowd. Your information was clear, concise, worthwhile, and usable–my favorite take-home!--Donna K. Dunio, Executive Director, Aging in Paradise Resource Center


Webinar and Personal Session with Karen Eber Davis: $199.00

Members of Karen's Mentor Program: $150.00


Sign up today and get:

  • White Paper: A Dozen Ways to Enhance Your Board Member’s Experience and, Incidentally, Help Your Nonprofit
  • Audio: Ensure the Availability of Adequate Resources (a shareable board fiscal responsibility podcast)
  • Plus, be one of the first five people to register and get a call from Karen to share your biggest board challenge—to shape the webinar's content

Why is Karen Tweaking the Tried and True Webinar Mold?  

You told me you need customized solutions to your biggest challenges, at an affordable price. By offering a webinar, practice, and coaching, you get the best of all worlds—peer learning, practice, individual guidance, and results.  

About Karen Eber Davis

Karen Eber Davis helps nonprofit leaders motivated by a vision to build exceptional nonprofits. People hire Karen to increase their revenues and supporters by up to 300 percent. They gain leadership, board, and fundraising skills that improve  organizations forever. For more see www.kedconsult.com. Call Karen at 941-924-4860 or email karen@kedconsult.com.