Saying "No" with Grace and Grit 

Are You Pulled in too Many Directions? 

Is this causing you stress, anxiety or worse, guilt?

All because you're not able to give the necessary time and attention to the people and things MOST important to you?  

If you’re like a lot of busy leaders, you have a lot on your plate. There are teams to manage, meetings to go to, kids to take hither and yon, husbands or partners or friends who need you and perhaps even elderly parents that also need your time and care. All of these compete for your unwavering attention – pulling you in multiple different directions all at the same time it would seem. This constant doing, doing, doing, usually means there isn’t a lot of time left over for YOU, your self-care, your health and your well-being. 

This informative talk will give you valuable information and tips on how to prioritize the things that are important while taking better care of yourself along the way.  

Plus you'll receive a copy of my “Saying No With Grace & Grit” ebook and guided relaxation MP3 recording to further assist you in saying No to the extraneous, and Yes to the essentials.

During this interactive and engaging presentation, you’ll learn 5 Steps for saying NO, so you can get out of overwhelm and take back your power:

  • Overcoming Your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • Tuning Into Your Intuition
  • Determine Who’s In Charge
  • Check Your Boundaries
  • Find Your Authentic Yes



Friday, May 24, 2019 from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM PDT
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The Club at McInnis Park Golf Center 
350 Smith Ranch Rd
San Rafael, CA 94903

Driving Directions 


BACN Board: Harry, Judy, Jeff, Janet, Volker, Ginny, Nora, Shelley, and Lisa 
Bay Area Consultants Network 

About the Presenter: Michele Molitor

Michele Molitor

Executive Confidence Coach & Rapid Rewire Expert 

As the founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc., Michele works with executives and entrepreneurs bringing over 25 years of experience, intuitive insights and strategic business savvy to your success.

Her unique Rapid Rewiring TM approach is a culmination of years of study in the realms of emotional intelligence, neuroscience, organizational psychology and Rapid Transformational Therapy, to help catalyze shifts in your thinking, and eliminate mental/emotional blocks and rapidly rewire your brain for greater confidence and success.  Enhancing your capacity as a leader, to build high performing teams and exponentially increase bottom line results.

As a nationally recognized speaker, certified executive coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner, change management consultant, trainer, and writer, Michele’s passion for helping you amplify your natural talents and expand your leadership is conveyed through all aspects of her work and writing.

Her latest best selling book,“Breakthrough Healing” is available on Amazon and has variety of published articles on CNN, SelfGrowth, Lifehack and The Mogul Mom. She has spoken at various leadership conferences nationwide such as IEEE Leadership Conference, SHRM Leadership Development Forum, NCCEP, and SSATB. 

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Saying No with Grace and Grit


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