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Sr. Adell Lininger, Director of Religious Education 
Holy Faith Catholic Church 

When: Scheduled Sundays 10:40 AM to                     12:00 NOON beginning 8/18/2019

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Holy Faith Church Parish Life Learning Center 
747 NW 43rd St
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Our Catholic Faith  ...  Live it, Love it, and Share it!

Our Catholic Faith and Liturgy are rich in Tradition, Word and Sacrament. Family Faith Formation begins in the home and is enhanced through the faith building opportunities provided in community catechesis through our church family programs and experiences.We encourage all our families with school-aged children to register their children for Religious Education classes at Holy Faith.


Together, we are the educators of the future of the church and together we continue the Vision of Holy Faith; "To Build Together a Community of Compassion in Christ". To do this our children need to attend Sunday Mass, learn more about the love of God and neighbor, the life of Jesus, Mary, our Blessed Mother, the Holy Spirit, the Sacraments.the lives of the Saints, and Respect for all Life, as well as compassion and justice for the poor, homeless, hungry, elderly, and lonely.

This is our Catholic Faith! Live it, Love it, and Share it! Let's pray together for God's blessings for all peoples and for the world. May God bless the Families of Holy Faith and beyond.


CCF (Sunday School) Classes are scheduled duriung the regular school season, ususally from late August thru the beginning of May, for grades Kinder thru 9th grade in the Parish Life Center. This school year CCF begins on Sunday, August 18, 2019 for grades Kinder thru 9th. Confirmation (10 grade) classes will begin with an orientation class for Parents and Students held in the Parish Life Center Social Hall C (dates to be announced). CCF Classes are from 10:40am to 12:00 Noon on scheduled Sundays. CCF Class Calendar Schedules are usually available in early August for this next Semester and can be found in the church vestible, in the office, and online as soon as published. Check back to our webpage at in August for the current schedule of classes, in the section under 'Parish Life'.

Be sure to get our Parish app at the app store or Google Play. Download 'myparishapp' to stay connected throughout the year with the most current news and events at Holy Faith.

We will send emails to all registered CCF families regarding the Sunday School Program with detailed information when classes begin in the new school year and throughout the year, so be sure to look for our emails.   

Register your child/ren online. Just click on the link below and complete the form. 

Check the bulletin and your emails for current CCF class schedule, Classes begin in late August through early May annually. 

Dear Parents:

  • You can register more than one child on the same registration form. We offer Religious Education classes for grades K thru 9th grades. Register your child in the class they will attend in the fall of this year. Confirmation Class is also offered for 10th graders. Cost of program is $25 for 1 chid; $40 for two children; $60 for 3 or more children, and scholarships are available if needed. Fees can be paid online via Paypal (no need to have a paypal account), by check to the office, or at the door on the first day of CCF classes, however, we would appreciate payment as soon as possible to help defray the costs of books, suppplies and needed materials. Please continue your online registration even if payment can not be made at this time.
  • Feel free to call the office from 10am to 3pm Monday thru Friday for assistance and answers to your questions at 352-376-5405, ext 104, Sr. Adell.
  • You can also register your child for Sacramental Preparation Classes for First Reconciliation and First Communion (2nd grade or above), and Confirmation    (10th  grade) on this same form for both public and Catholic School students.
  • First Reconciliation and First Communion Classes are in addition to the Sunday School Classes and meet once a month on a Saturday, beginning with the first class usually in October and continuing through late April. Parents also attend these preparation classes. Catholic School students do not need to attend the Sunday classes but are welcomed if they would like to. First Reconciliation classes are a pre-requisite for the First Communion classes. Full schedule will be available in August. Preparation for first sacraments is a two year program. Children should attend regular CCF classes in the First Grade and then attend the additional Saturday classes in the 2nd Grade.
  • Confirmation preparation begins in the 9th grade. 9th grade students attend the regular Sunday School classes and should attend our Catholic Youth Ministry group meetings on Sundays from 4:00pm to 5:30pm in the Parish Life Center Youth Room per the CYM schedule for their first year of preparation. Catholic School 9th graders do not need to attend the 10th Grade preparation classes, until 10th grade, but should participate in CYM activities. 
  • Confirmation Classes for 10th graders meet on selected Sundays during the regularly scheduled CCF time slot from 10:40am to 12:00 Noon in the Parish Life Center Section C.  Confirmation students should also attend Catholic Youth Ministry and will  be asked to participate in Ministry Projects and Community Service Events during the academic year, and a retreat as part of their preparation.
  • We offer community service hours to any child (grades 6 and above) who would           like to help us with special projects. We also encourage 11th & 12th graders to volunteer to assist in the classroom. 
  • CYM (Catholic Youth Ministry) is open to all 8th through 12th grade students. Look for the CYM Kick-Off event sometime in September. Holy Faith CYM meetings are held on most CCF Sundays from 4pm to 5:30pm in the Parish Life Center Youth Room (Check the weekly bulletin, app, and emails for updated schedule and details of CYM upcoming events.) 

Ready to Enhance your child's Faith Journey at Holy Faith!!!!!    Click on the link        below and get started. Payment can be made with this online registration form using     your credit card through a secure Holy Faith Paypal link (no paypal account is needed).


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