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This is an eight hour class, running for four days:

Tuesdays May 28 & June 4, 11, 18

8am to 10am,  Alaska time

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IMPORTANT: This is an interactive course with monitored activities.  You will need a webcam to participate and will need to attend all classes to receive a certificate of participation.  The certificate is needed to proceed to the Level 2 course.  


Cathy Stingley
Thoughtful Therapies

What a professional has to say:

Before I learned about HANDLE I did not realize how much our neurodevelopment affects our personality and habits.  How well we learn, what our interests are, whether we are fearless or timid, neat or disorganized is intricately connected to how we process sensory information.  I learned the importance of Gentle Enhancement, which advocates respect for each individual’s perceptions and his or her tolerance for stimulation. 

I have witnessed the benefits of HANDLE activities for my clients. Perhaps most dramatic was the case of a little girl who came to me at the age of 4 years, 10 months.  She was tongue-tied at birth, and all of her milestones were severely delayed.  The tongue tie was only discovered at age 4 when she was referred to a speech therapist because she spoke only a few 2-word utterances and her articulation was very poor.  Her most pressing problem was severe auditory and visual sensitivity.  An airplane flying overhead would cause her to lose bowel and/or bladder control.  A bird fluttering its wings on a window ledge or lights flickering due to voltage fluctuation would put her in a state of fright and flight response.  This happened multiple times every day.  The Crazy Straw activity changed all of that.  Now sights and sounds may distract her occasionally, but the fear is completely gone.  An added benefit of the Crazy Straw activity was better bowel and bladder control because the intense sucking strengthened the sphincter muscles throughout her body.                        

Andrea Perry, owner, Strategies for Learning, a center for children with neurodevelopmental and sensory processing disorders, Certified HANDLE Screener


Level 1, an Introduction to HANDLE, online 

This online course is four sessions of two hours each. It will give you insight into how HANDLE considers challenges and differences and will connect you with many interesting people.

HANDLE is an intervention that works with all ages and most issues of behavior, social, emotional and physical function.  It works with the knowledge of normal neurodevelopment and neuroplasticity to help the body and brain work together more efficiently.  In the process, individuals come to have an intimate understanding of why some things are difficult.  This leads to more patience, acceptance and tolerance while the brain develops new neural pathways and daily function improves.

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HANDLE® Introductory (Level 1) Course Description

 “I am seriously impressed. This work touches the nerve of virtually everything taking  place in our current cultural crisis of childhood.”                                Joseph Chilton Pearce, author: Magical Child, & other books

  Cathy Stingley, course instructor, has been practicing and teaching HANDLE  for 22 years. She is active in the governance of The HANDLE Institute.  She  has a background in emergency medicine, education,   mental health, energy healing, sound therapy, massage and Yoga for special needs and much more.

This course will forever change your strategies when approaching learning, social and behavioral challenges!
  • You will explore the real reasons for behaviors and understand causes of learning difficulties, inefficiency or stress.
  • You will study interesting ways the body and brain work together and how the environment may influence human functioning.
  • You will leave with tools and knowledge to apply in everyday situations.
  • You will see yourself and others through non-judgmental eyes.
  • You will have made the first step toward the possibility of becoming a HANDLE provider.

The course begins the process of exploring how irregularities in neurological and developmental systems relate to perplexing behaviors and dysfunction and gives a taste of HANDLE interventions.

Course Content: 

  •  HANDLE principles and their application
  •  how stress affects learning and quality of life
  •  how nutrition and good health enhance our abilities
  •  signs of stress and intervention before the consequences manifest
  •  how our quality of life and abilities are affected by internal and external environment
  •  Gentle Enhancement® and the meaning of “innocent assault”

Learn 6 HANDLE Activities, variations and applications for enhancing learning and human potential.

Most often stated feedback following HANDLE courses:  “Everyone should know this!”

 Suggested Reading:

  • The Churkendoose Anthology by Judith Bluestone, Founder of HANDLE (available on or
  • The Fabric of Autism, Weaving the Threads into a Cogent Theory, by Judith Bluestone, (available on or

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