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Melissa A Stager 
Ergos Institute of Somatic Education
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BODY READING and the interplay between

SE™ Master Class with Peter A Levine, PhD
joined by Bodynamic Analyst Ian Macnaughton, PhD

19.5 CE Credits Available - click here for more info.

We invite you to join us at the beautifully enriching Kripalu campus for Peter A Levine's SE™ Master Class, BODY READING and the interplay between SHOCK & DEVELOPMENTAL TRAUMA, as he explores how, deep inside, all individuals are driven by the desire to heal the ruptures in their developmental process and renegotiate their past experiences.
Every human life follows a particular developmental arc from the moment of conception to old age. For this arc to develop its full potential, certain age-specific needs must be recognized and supported. Developmental ruptures and shock traumas in the early stages of life provide a shaky foundation for later behavioral patterns which will then become relational stumbling blocks from childhood, through adolescence, and into our adult lives.
Shock trauma interferes with the developmental processes that were unfolding at the time of the trauma. Hence, it appears that the person has been arrested in that developmental stage. Until the shock can be addressed, the person remains fixed or limited in their developmental unfolding. On the other hand, where the attachment is weak, and where the child has not been sufficiently supported, the developmental processes will be thwarted, and the person will be more susceptible to shock trauma. In addition, where there is a history of trauma, neglect, abuse, and developmental failure, there is a high risk of Borderline and DID disorders. For these reasons, comprehensive therapy involves working with the interweaving of shock and developmental issues.

During this course, students will learn how to read their client’s bodies as a map to support their unmet developmental needs, chronic stress patterns, and emotional thwarting. Then, from this foundation, we will explore historical and current thinking on the relationship between body structure, function, and physiology to psychologi­cal tendencies and temperaments. We will use this understanding to inform effective clinical interventions as they pertain to developmental stress and trauma. Students will learn how to map this complex fabric of development and shock as a way of helping their clients grow into their authentic adult selves with a greater capacity for joy and resilience.
Course Objectives:
  • Access and utilize Somatic Resonance in Body Reading
  • Understand the basic principles of Somato-Typing
  • Explore the three main body types of Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph; including their physical qualities, as well as psychological differences
  • Recognize developmental aspects of Body Reading
  • Show how structural, temperamental, and developmental interweave in the fabric of personality
  • Apply Body Reading to map a client’s strengths, weakness, and potentials
  • Guide the application of Body Reading to various therapeutic practices
Dr. Levine will be leading lectures and demonstrations, assigning experiential exercises, and offering Q&A opportunities. He is honored to announce that he will be co-teaching sections of this course with life-long friend and Ergos Institute Legacy Faculty member, Ian Macnaughton, PhD. Dr. Macnaughton is a recognized Bodynamic Analyst and Trainer. He brings over 45 years of experience in mind-body psychotherapy and family systems. We are all delighted he will be with us for this special course.

Dr. Levine and Dr. Macnaughton will be supported by Ergos Institute Legacy Faculty member Joshua Sylvae, PhD. Dr. Sylvae is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Somatic Therapy and a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute Faculty member.

Tuition $1,300

(subject to change)
Friday November 1st 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday November 2nd 9:45am - 5:00pm (lunch noon - 2pm)
Sunday November 3rd 9:45am - 6:00pm (lunch noon - 2pm)
Monday November 4th 9:45am - 6:00pm (lunch noon - 2pm)
Tuesday November 5th 9:45am - 12:00pm

*You can schedule your Kripalu extracurricular activities accordingly*

The Kripalu Center features a plentiful cafeteria, yoga classes, healing arts services, spa area, scenic walking trails, and a broad choice of enriching evening events each night. The all-in-one campus is the ideal workshop venue offering students supportive resources during their training. Late starts, long lunches, and full evenings afford students the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits they offer.

Book your room at Kripalu soon as they do fill. If you are not staying at Kripalu there is a $55 commuter fee - you will need to contact Kripalu at least 7 days in advance to reserve your commuter space. 
Partial Scholarships available for students of color and/or working with underserved populations, who do not have sufficient resources to attend.

There are a few demo spots left. Students and assistants are invited to submit a client to work with Dr. Levine. Inviting your client to be a demo is an excellent way to receive a consultation and it allows your client the opportunity to work direclty with Peter. It also creates an enriching learning environment for the entire class. Demos are an integral way to learn SE. Please email m@somaticexperiencing.com for the demo form.

Completion of Intermediate I
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**For registration issues or a payment plan email m@somaticexperiencing.com
**For venue/lodging/commuter/travel questions please contact Kripalu