Al-Otrojah for Quran Studies 
Muslim Association of Canada 
+1 877 878 2626 


Physical location: 
1085 Grenon Ave, ON K2B 8N1  


Al-Otrojah: Ottawa

Registration for school year of 2019 / 2020 (September - June)

Join us in our new location (1805 Grenon Ave.) 


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Adults' Programs

16+ Years


Learn reading and pronouncing the arabic alphabets


Learn Quran recitation; practical and theoretical Tajweed

Hifz C & D - Memorization:

Memorize the Quran with practical and theoretical tajweed, learn Mutashabihat and meanings.


Youth Programs

10 - 16 Years


Learn to read the Quran

Young Muslim:

Memorization with Tajweed and Meanings

Advanced Hifz - Hifz B:

Condensed memorization with simple meanings and consistent revision of finished parts of the Quran

Revision of Hifz :

Correct weak areas for Huffaz



Online Programs

Hifz, Tarteel, Nouraniyah and kids programs

Sanada - Ejazah:

Recite on front of a sheokh, revise, learn Tajweed and learn Mutashabihat

*only for Quran Hafiz









  • All payments are subject to the terms and conditions of Al-Otrojah. To have a look at our policy click here.
  • All payments are non-refundable starting January 2019.
  • To reserve your study seat, all Fees must be paid before Sep 28th 2019.
  • The minimum number of students for a 2-hour class is 6 students. Time will be rearranged for classes with less number of students
  • Please wait to be contacted by your branches' coordinator after registering (you will be contacted in the first week of the semester). They will place you in a class that's suitable for you level and availability (starting new classes depends on the number of students registered).
  • Payment at the door is available in Cash , by Cheque(s) or Pledge for Automatice withdrawal payed to Muslim Association of Canada. You can pay by a maximum of 4 post-dated cheques.
  • family discount of $30 will be applied for each additional family member.
  • Full Text books will be available at the door for ONE-TIME purchase at affordable prices. Study materials soft-copies are also available online to download for FREE.