Trainer- Janet Fox

Janet Fox is a life skills coach and trainer for 14 years.  She is a mother of 4 and a proud grandmother of 8.  Janet shares her journey about the lack of parenting skills in her family system which stems from colonization, residential and lack of identity as she attended residential school and understands the effects from those years that she was not with her family. She has taken training with the Native American Fatherhood Association, National Indian Child Welfare Association and the Native Wellness Institute.

Her passion is to share the teachings to other people and have presented workshops to approximately 200 First Nation communities from BC to Labrador, Aboriginal Child and Family Services, Government Child & Family Services, Schools, Cultural Camps and Youth Corrections, Awasis Conference, FSIN Wellness & Early Childhood, NNADAP, Health Nexus 2015 and 2017 and Creating A New Legacy 2015 in Brandon MB.  She is a presenter and keynote speaker at many conferences in Canada. 


 A block of rooms has been placed on hold at the at the Valhalla Inn, Thunder Bay at a rate of $119 + HST/ Night.  Individuals can reserve online at or by calling     1 800 964 1121. Please quote Group Booking Number 191027CREA to access the group rate.  


Please direct all questions regarding the training to:

Kari Chiappetta, Training Coordinator
Kari Chiappetta Consulting 

Traditional Family Parenting- Creating a Teaching Bag with Janet Fox

Training will be held on 

Monday October 28 and Tuesday October 29, 2019

Valhalla Inn, Thunder Bay ON

All training days run from 9 am -4:00 pm

Cost for 2 day Train the Trainer program is

$486.73 +HST = $550

Cost includes parenting manual, supplies, resources, powerpoints and refreshments.

All participants are asked to bring a USB key to training to download electronic resources.

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This 2 day Traditional Family Parenting- Creating a Teaching Bag session will include training in the following topics: 
  • Creating a Baby Rattle and doll size Moss Bag
  • How our Ancestors Raised their Children
  • Importance of Bonding, Moss Bag, Swing 
  • Renew Parenting Skills Using the Teachings and Values

First Nations people have always had the knowledge that when you raise a child holistically; this prepared them to make positive choices; healthy relationships, healthy children which leads to healthy communities.  We need to prepare the next generation as our teachings are a source of strength and identitiy.  There is a need for more facilitators in this field as we can all make change.

It is now time to Reclaim that knowledge and provide and implement programs by using our Indigenous philosophies. Reclaiming our Indigenousness is "reversing the process of colonization".  It is time to reach and claim our ancestral identity in order for our people to move forward.  We need to start promoting the pride and history of our people from the perspective of the Indegenous Worldview.

The breakdown of our family systems began with colonization and residential school.  When the first set of children went away, our famiy systems began to deteriorate.  The workshops that Mahkesis Consulting provides are about awareness of how it was in our Traditional Family Systems and how we can bring back these teachings along with the parenting skills and most importantly, it's prevention.

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