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Scott Blossom
Shunyata Yoga


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Samskara: Shadow Yoga In-Depth Studies 3

With Scott Blossom & Jonny Nobleza


In the context of alchemical transformation, both externally in the preparation of Ayurvedic mineral medicines and internally in the practice of hatha yoga, the term samskara implies a repetitive process of refinement. In the first two years of the In-Depth Studies program we built a foundation of practice through the Prelude Forms and the three primary Asana Vinyasas. This progression was necessary to establish a body of practice that would reveal both physical capacities and limitations are and provide a range of ways to work with them.  IDS 3 will be devoted to the process of refinement by moving our practice off the surface and more deeply into our subtle bodies. The first step is to develop even more capacity for subtle sensitivity and skills of observation within the body of work that you have learned so far.

During the first two weekend courses we will link Prelude and Asana Vinyasa practice with the practices of Vipirita Karani Mudra (inverted postures) and Nauli Kriya. In the last two sessions, we will teach the first practice of Nrtta Sadhana, the Ashta Matrikas (known as the Short Form). There will be an individualized practice class to give one-on-one feedback in the second and last month of the course.

Nritta Sadhana is defined by Shandor as “practice through which the sadhaka (aspirant) rediscovers the rhythmic life currents hidden in the body’s folds and limbs by means of unimposed natural positioning.” It is expressed as a dance called the Eight Palms that is composed of karanas arranged in an angahara. The Nrtta Sadhana karanas derive from carvings of the Shiva Tandava (Thunderous Dance of Shiva Nataraja) found on the walls of the ancient Chidambaram Temple in Tamil Nadu.  Angahara is a sequential arrangement of the karanas with rhythmic transitions. With roots in the Natya Shastra, a classical text on the performing arts of India, these practices complement the practice of the Shadow Yoga and prepare one’s body and mind for the subtler practices of Hatha Yoga such as mudra and pranayama.

I am excited that Jonny Nobleza will take a more formal role in the IDS course. For more than ten years, Jonny has apprenticed with Chandra and I and has been guided directly by our teachers, Shandor Remete and Emma Balnaves, and now his apprenticeship is coming to an end. He has devoted thousands of hours to learn the practice and teaching of Shadow Yoga and his sincerity and skill have carried him to a place of mastery and maturity. I treasure his presence as an assistant at the courses so it seems right to have him become a paid faculty for our IDS courses. The structure of our weekends will be similar to what we have had in the past but I want to acknowledge the value of his presence, love, and insight. Ultimately this shift will uplevel the quality and richness of the IDS experience for all of us and open new possibilities of support for all of you in your personal practices. To accomodate Jonny joining as a teacher there is going to be a shift in our tuition policy for the course.

Tuition policy:

Our primary intention is to make the courses accessible to everyone as well as respecting the value and depth of what Jonny and I are offering. To this end we have developed a broad sliding-scale model to encourage people to give according to their capacity. If you find that you need special financial accommodation that lies outside of the suggested scale please let us know and we will be happy to work with you.

We feel that it is also important to acknowledge that for those of you who have the capacity to contribute at the higher end of the scale or beyond, your generosity benefits the entire community and makes it possible for us to offer this kind of model.

Suggested sliding scale tuition for Year 3: $240-600/wknd

Once you register for the course there will be an option for a one time payment or to set up a monthly auto-pay. 

Course requirements: Must know all three Shadow Yoga Prelude forms.

APPLICATION REQUIRED: Please email Scott at shunyatayoga@gmail.com to apply.  Please do not register until you have been accepted into the program. Thank you.