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This special free "Actor Actions" training

will help you with what comes next in your acting career.  

Get new ideas for your career.  

Getting acting classes, headshots, & an agent is just the beginning!



Why this is important ...

*  You want help w/ what comes after ... "acting classes, headshots, & agents".

*  You want to know how to maximize your opportunities ... wherever you live!        (And learn how to be a "Big Fish in a Small Pond".)

*  You feel like there is a missing piece to the puzzle.

*  You want to progress faster in your career.

*  You know that there's more that you can be doing, but not sure where to start.



Let's move into ... ACTOR ACTION!


Join us in this live class that will give you ideas and strategies for taking your career to the next level!


Don't miss out on the special live class!





KARI NISSENA is an Actress, Producer, and a Business Coach for Actors with a specialty in marketing, press, and IMDb. She has taught/coached thousands of actors.  Coaching topics include: IMDb, Representation, Career Strategies, Audition Prep, Mindset, "Actor Actions", Red Carpets, Press, Marketing, & more!

ACTOR TRANSFORMATION is committed to helping actors find success in their careers by providing education, motivation, and valuable tools and resources within the industry. If you have a burning desire to have a successful career as an actor, then this is your opportunity to get authentic guidance, training, and support.




Here are just a few of the topics that Kari helps actors with...


~  IMDb & IMDbPro

~  Agents & Managers

~  Red Carpets

~  Marketing & Press

~  Networking with CDs & Other Industry Pros

~  Actor Actions

~  Creating Your Own Projects

~  Mindset

~  Common Mistakes Actors Make

~  Actor Resources & Strategies

~  Q&A & More!


*** Learn from Kari in her Programs, Classes, Youtube videos, Events, Blogs, & More!!!


Thank You for letting me be a part of your journey!







Disclaimer / Rules:

Kari Nissena Coaching / Actor Transformation /  Bliss Productions.


 ** This training/work is for educational purposes only and is not a promise nor a guarantee of auditions, representation, or employment.  All sales are final.  No refunds.  All clients are expected to behave in a professional manner while working with Kari and Actor Transformation. Including but not limited to:  Reading and following directions in emails. By registering, you are stating that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.  Kari Nissena, Actor Transformation, and Bliss Productions do not work for and are not associated with IMDb, Amazon, or it's associates.  All techniques, strategies, and advice are subject to change with industry trends and changes. Referrals to specific companies, products, services may contain affiliate links. Receipt for this class will read "Bliss Productions".  





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