Spirit Quest Presents 


Saturday & Sunday 

July 20 & 21

International Trance-Channel Ce Ann   


The Spirit Quest Center
303 Main Street
Spring, TX 77373

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Joy Kauf

Register & Questions Email: joykauf@msn.com

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Private Sessions

Saturday 11am - 4:30pm

Sunday 11am - 2:30pm 

Private Sessions are available times in 30 min increments  

$85/30 Minutes  (after you register and prepay, someone will contact you to schedule your session time.)

A personal one on one session with Ce Ann. The simplest way to approach a session is to relax and let go of "figuring your world out" for the time you are about to share.

It is wise to spend some quiet time prior, to collect your thoughts and prepare for the gateway you are about to enter. Some people make note of pertinent questions to have a better focus, others prefer to let the frequencies encountered reveal what needs to be addressed. An audio recording will be created for you, so, just relax and absorb what is being presented.

The "frequencies" are the channeled expressions shared through CÚ ─nn.  which can be witty and direct, educative and wise, and seem other worldly.

Finally, take time out for yourself afterwards! Why rush into the busyness of your world so quickly? The healing and acknowledgement of your human experience is being awakened, so, absorb and integrate some of what has just been transmitted, allowing yourself to be. 


Transmissions - A Group Channeled Session 

Saturday July 20 7pm - 9pm 
$25 Adv Pmt  


During Trance-missions, Ce Ann enters an altered state and becomes a clear and open channel for a variety of different frequencies. Ce Ann sets the space, and his vessel, by toning harmonic frequencies that allow him to tap into the energy. Spirit has a way of naturally coordinating this event, the frequencies that step forth during Trance-missions tend to coordinate themselves based on the attendees.  Don't be surprised if one of these frequencies feels very familiar to you, like a long lost friend.  The last entity that come through is named Malachite. He is the frequency who is present during a private consultation. He encourages the attendees to bring questions to the event to allow Malachite the opportunity to help guide and give some insight to specific situations. 


Channeler's Symposium

Sunday,  July 21, 4pm-6:30pm
$45 Adv Pmt  


Have you ever thought about being a channel or learning how to connect with your guides or angels? If so, then this is the workshop for you!  Ce Ann has been channeling professionally for over 30 years, and has put together some proven exercises and guided meditations to help you have a connection of your own.  Ce Ann will assist you with taking the proper steps to being the channel you came here to be.  He will guide you in creating a sacred space, letting go of your fears, and assisting you with sitting in the seat to allow the energies to flow through you. Come let go of what you think channeling is, and experience the channel you are every moment in a supportive environment. He will also assist you with removing any energy blocks that you may have to help you become a clear and open channel.  If you have ever wanted to channel and have a personal connection with all that is, then this is the workshop for you.  No prior experience required.


Get an Aura Photo & Interpretation with Joy Kauf!

Sat or Sun July 20 & July 21, 12pm thru 6pm
$25 Adv Pmt

An aura camera has biofeedback sensors that you place your hands on while the picture is being taken.  The sensors gather information about your electromagnetic fields and then convert the frequencies to colors.  These colors are then superimposed onto the Polaroid picture of you as it is taken, resulting in a beautiful picture of you with your aura!

The color and shape of your aura can change with your emotions, moods, and experiences, and it can also be viewed as a snapshot of your current spiritual well-being.  You can also see spirit guides, loved ones who are guiding you and what is coming your way.

This weekend at Spirit Quest, book an aura photo and interpretation with Joy Kauf, owner of Miracles of Joy in Lewisville, Tx!