Registration is open August 7 - September 25

Test date: November 2, 2019


Multiple Locations: Colorado; Kansas; Tennessee 


Cindy Hayter
Executive Director
844-327-2255 x7
Amanda Brickey or Lisa Baker
Certificant Services Adminstrators
(888) 327-2255
amanda@acbsp.com or lisa@acbsp.com


ACBSP™ Fall 2019 CCSP® and DACBSP® Written Exams Registration 

Please complete this online form to begin the application process for the Fall 2019 CCSP® and DACBSP® written exams. Please know that your application package will NOT be complete UNTIL your transcript, DC license and healthcare provider level CPR card are also received by our office.  If you are paying via check, the check must be received by the national office prior to the application deadline date. The application deadline is September 25, 2019.  All application documentation MUST be received by our office by the deadline, no exceptions.  If our office has not received your documentation by the application deadline, you will not be permitted to take the exam.

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 15 examinees must be registered for each location in order for the exam to be held.  If there are less than 15 people registered for a location at the time of the exam application deadline, those examinees will be notified and allowed to select another location. Exam fees will not be rolled over towards a future exam date, therefore examinees must select another location if the initial location is cancelled. 

Those using an MS degree as eligibility to sit for the exam, please know that your transcripts will be reviewed for approval and it is possible that a hands-on Emergency Procedures course may be required if a prior one is deemed insufficient.