An Evening of Healing and Messages with the Spirit World 

 presented by Psychic Medium Jennifer Farmer 

Come and experience Spirit World healing energy and communication with Jennifer Farmer. During this powerful evening, she brings the Spirit World closer to you. She'll lead the group in an insightful discussion about connecting and communicating with the Spirit World.  You'll also hear how your Loved Ones want to help you heal grief and find peace. You'll experience a powerful healing grief guided meditation.

Once the group energy is set, she will connect with the Spirit World and share loving messages with members of the audience using evidential mediumship techniques.

This is a wonderful event to share with family and friends.

Seating is limited and this event sells out.

Reserve your spot early!

Attendance does not guarantee a message.

$44 per person 

Jennifer Farmer is well respected and a recognized leader in her field as a gifted intuitive, medium and spiritual teacher. Her passion is to inspire people to tap into and use the power of intuition in their daily lives. People from all over the world and all walks of life seek Jennifer out for professional and personal development. She is an exceptional teacher and spiritual guide.

In 2008, she earned the seal of approval as one of the best psychic mediums. She has been a featured guest on many radio programs including Spirit Connections hosted by John Holland. She is founder of the Solutions of Spirit online community for spiritual seekers. She is based in Tampa Bay, Florida.