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 How to Handle Resident Problems   and Problem Residents!

                                             Presented by Rick Ellis, CPM

                                                                    Thursday, August 29, 2019


                           Learn the difference between "Resident Problems"

                                                                      & "Problem Residents" 

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Seminar Date:                             8/29/2019

Time:                                               9:00am to 1:00pm

Where:                                                        CORT Furniture Rental Showroom     (Training Room)                                                     1505 Valwood Pkwy, STE 100            Carrollton, TX 75006  

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The Resident is NOT the Problem!

 How to Handle Resident Problems and Problem Residents....and Know the Difference!

Sure, the customer is always right . . . but what about when the customer is not right? The interaction with Residents is one of the biggest stress inducers of many apartment personnel. Demanding Residents cause much grief and sometimes burn out our on-site teams.

This four-hour presentation teaches the property management professional how to identify Resident "problems" and "Problem Residents" and provides creative and effective techniques for dealing with both. Proper response to all Residents not only increases Resident retention but also enhances the on-site person's effectiveness while reducing employee turnover due to so-called "Resident abuse."

Seminar Topics Include:
  • Apartment Management: A "People" Business!
  • Onsite Team's #1 Priority - Keep Residents Longer!
  • What is a Resident?
  • "Resident" Problems or "Problem" Residents - Know the Difference
  • 3 Rules of Resident Service...and Retention!
  • Deadly Resident Attitudes and Perceptions
  • FOUNDATIONS... For Dealing with Resident Problems & Problem Residents
  • Cultivating Resident Complaints - A Secret Retention Tool!
  • Getting Into the Right Mind Frame
  • Creative Tips for Dealing with Resident Problems
  • Five Levels of Active Listening and Responding Skills
  • Listening and Responding to the Excessive Talker
  • Handling an Irate Resident on the Phone
  • And More...