September 16th- October 15th
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Krissy Pozatek 
Parallel Process, LLC 

Transform Your Parenting: A 30 Day (at home) Parallel Process Intensive 

Are you stuck in a negative parenting dynamic with your child?  Do you experience frequent power-struggles?  Do you lack trust with your child due to a history of your child acting out?  Do you feel over-involved?  Are you unsure how to step away, or how to let go?  Have you lost parental authority?  These are many of the questions and dilemmas that parents face today. 

 Over the next 30 days, parents will come away with a new clarity and a fresh perspective on how to "un-enmesh" from their stuck child and move forward fostering healthy individuation, maturation and emotional resiliency.  Each day parents will be receiving an email that introduces the Parallel Process material in direct and accessible ways.  The emails introduce the content in a step-by-step process with self-reflection and daily action items which parents can integrate into their day. 

 Additionally, there will be interactions with Krissy and webinars each week.  The first webinar will be a welcome introductory webinar, and the follow-up webinars will be more Q and A style.  Parents frequently learn the most from hearing parent's questions related to their home situations and parent-child struggles.   Krissy, through her warm and engaging style, guides parents through their particular challenges to try new responses and have new outcomes with their children. 

 In this course, confidentiality and safety is the highest priority.  Parents will not be interacting with each other, but will bring write their questions to Krissy which will anonymously be shared in the webinar setting.  At any time in the course, please bring all your questions to Krissy, by simply replying  to any email. 

I look forward to working with you.  Thanks for taking this step to Transform your Parenting!

*Please note, there is no set time for this class, it is email based and is designed to be done on your own schedule.