Birmingham Alexander Stadium
Birchfield Club Room - Backstraight Stand
Walsall Road
Perry Barr
Birmingham B42 2LR
United Kingdom

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with Adarian Barr

Saturday 17th August - Birmingham Alexander Stadium

1230pm - 5pm

Adarian Barr is doing a UK Roadshow of afternoon workshops in Lboro University, Dublin, London and Birmingham.

Adarian has vast coaching experience through track and field which has led him to be one of the top specialists in movement. He is also the inventor of the most radical insole ever made.

Adarian will discuss how to maximise levers and force application for running mechanics and sprint training. The audience will be walked through the benefits of front side and backside mechanics and how this relates to the integration of the upper body and race strategy. 

The practical session will be on techniques to influence stride length, and stride frequency with a emphasis on training reflexes for efficient technique. He will share methods to enhance “collision control” witha focus on foot health, activation and its transduction of forces. 

Barr running concepts offer a novel slant on traditional training concepts which create potentiation of the athlete for immediate results.

For more info on Adarian please go to his website and visit Adarians podcost with Just Fly:



Tickets for the events are 75.00 with an early bird price of 55.00 for the first 15 delegates. Please enter EB01 as your promo code at checkout in order to recieve your discount.

We are also offering Student tickets at 45.00, please email info@speedworks.training to recieve your discount code.