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Atlanta Mortgage Bankers Association 


AMBA Industry Partners 2019-2020 

Thanks for your interest in AMBA's Industry Partners program!

Please make sure you are familiar with the following details before indicating your commitment:

How much does the program cost?
The program cost is $3500 for one year. 

Who does the program benefit?
The Industry Partners program primarily benefits the Atlanta Mortgage Bankers Association (AMBA). It does not directly benefit MBAG (state level), except where certain benefits apply (i.e.: convention registration, Gold Awards ad, etc.).

What do I get for my investment?

  • 1 MBAG convention registration                                    (value $395)
  • 1 half-page ad in the MBAG Gold Awards program      (value $300)
  • 2 tickets for each AMBA luncheon                                (value $300)
  • 1 sponsorship at AMBA Golf Tournament                     (value $400)
  • 1 luncheon as featured sponsor; 5 min. promo time, may place marketing at each seat
  • 1 company blurb for your company on the AMBA website for your featured month
  • Logo art featured on visual signage, banners, screens, cards, etc. at AMBA functions.
  • A portion of your contribution will be granted to the AMBA Student Endowment Fund

Total compensatory benefit:                                             $1395

Remaining AMBA contribution:                                        $2105


Partnerships are limited to 2 companies per category,
with the following exceptions:

Retail Lender category:           Up to 7 companies will be accepted.
  Attorney category:                  Up to 3 companies will be accepted.

If you have any questions about the Industry Partners program, 
you may contact one of the people listed below:

Atlanta Mortgage Bankers Association

Administrative office
Teri Kramer, Executive Director
Eric Knowland, Assistant Director


  1. Participation in the Industry Partners program DOES NOT cover your company's Association dues for MBAG. The IP program is a function of AMBA and is optional and in addition to your MBAG dues.
  2. Your company must be an MBAG member in good standing for the 2019-2020 year to remain eligible for AMBA's Industry Partners program*.


*If you have not yet paid MBAG dues for 2019-2020, you may do both at the same time (separately).