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Various Departure Locations 
915 South Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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MFL Pilgrimage Contacts:

John Pratt
Youth Ministry

Janice Martin


Chaperone Registration 2020 March for Life
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Before registering please read and accept the following Trip Policies and note how small group requests will be handled. Please note that all requests are subject to change and that we cannot promise that every request will be granted.

Departing from Sacred Heart Warsaw, St. Thomas Elkhart, St. Vincent Fort Wayne, St. Adalbert, South Bend? Please complete a Departure and Small Group Request Form to request a departure location and small group. All requests are subject to change at any time for any reason by group



Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
March for Life 2019 Trip Policies

Contacts, Electronics, and Phones:

Cell Phone Policy: All electronic media and technology is a privilege and not a right on the trip. Content must be morally appropriate, in no way offensive or scandalous, and quiet enough to avoid disturbing neighbors. (No viewing pornography, illegal downloading, cyber bullying, violating the privacy of others, or posting inappropriate pictures or comments). Any improper use of cell phones, electronics, or social media will not be tolerated. Any electronic device may be confiscated by group leaders at any time.

Chaperones: Must have their cell phones on, charged, and with them at all times. Should students or parents ever need to contact pilgrimage leaders, they can call one of our chaperones from the contact list.

Youth: Cell phones and electronics are discouraged, but permitted. Any technology usage should not impede the spirit of pilgrimage for yourself and others and must always remain morally appropriate.

Please Note: The Diocesan Social Media Policy requires that parents be copied on all texts and emails sent to minors from youth ministers and chaperones. If and when texting groups are set up for communication in DC, parents must be copied in the texting groups per the Social Media Policy. (see Employee Personnel Policy Manual p 21).

Bus Ride Expectations

Bus Seating Policy: Your bus buddy (person sitting next to you) must be a person of the same sex. Other than that, students can choose with whom they sit on their assigned bus. Chaperones will abide by this rule as well, unless they are married, and insofar as this is possible, given distribution of seats on the bus.

Rest Stops: Usually 30-45 minute stops at rest areas with differing food options and lots of restrooms. Purchases can be made by individual pilgrims.

Quite Time: must be observed beginning at 12:00 Midnight on the overnight rides so people can try to sleep.

Pilgrimage Expectations

  • ·         Chaperones, students, and trip leaders all represent the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and the Catholic Church during this pilgrimage. Christian and considerate behavior is expected at all times. This includes bus rides, at museums and pilgrimage sites, and while participating in the March for Life. No action that inhibits the peace and well-being of others on the trip will be tolerated.

  • ·         Pilgrims are expected to be present for all group activities including, but not limited to, liturgies, group tours, the March for Life events, and pilgrimage prayer events.

  • ·         Pilgrims are expected to uphold the standards of modesty in dress and speech at all times. What constitutes modesty is at the discretion of group organizers and leaders.

  • ·         There will be absolutely no drinking (regardless of age), smoking, vaping, illegal drug use, profanity, physical violence, verbal aggression or threats, or sexual activity permitted on the pilgrimage. Pilgrims understand that any serious violation may result in their dismissal from the pilgrimage at the pilgrim’s expense.

  • ·         Females are not permitted in male sleeping areas, and males are not permitted in female sleeping areas.
  • ·         Pilgrims are not permitted to leave sleeping quarters after lights out.

  • ·         Pilgrims are expected to be good stewards by respecting the property of others, including church property, and by taking care of their personal belongings and trash.

Chaperone Groups

Chaperone and student groups are decided in advance by school and diocesan coordinators, and school or diocesan coordinators reserve the right to change groups at any time if necessary.

  • ·         Students are responsible for remaining with their chaperones at all times including rest stops, pilgrimage stops, sight-seeing, and during the March for Life. Those not following this rule can be sent home at their own expense. 

  • ·         Chaperones are responsible for remaining with their students throughout the pilgrimage.

  • ·         If group is within same building (i.e. Smithsonian museums, National Shrine, etc.) it is permissible to split into groups.  It is helpful to have people stay in at least a group of three (3).

  • ·         Outside a confined building, it is forbidden for chaperones not to be with their students and students not to be with their chaperones. If inside, students and chaperones must be in the same building.

  • ·         In DC, if students wish to switch into another chaperone’s group, it is up to the verbal agreement and discretion of the respective chaperones.

Trip Gear: Everyone will receive a March for Life Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend winter scarf. Please be sure all students and chaperones wear this during the March for Life pilgrimage.

I understand and agree to abide by the above listed trip policies. I also understand that any departure or group request must be made with the Departure and Small Group Request Form by Dec. 20th and that all requests are subject to change at any time for any reason by trip organizers. Completed Departure and Small Group Request Forms can be emailed to jpratt@diocesefwsb.org or mailed to: 

Archbishop Noll Catholic Center
Office of Youth Ministry
915 S. Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802



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 I have read and agree to abide by the trip policies, and I understand that to make any group request, I must submit a group request form before December 20, 2019.