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Completed applications are due by

November 15, 2019


USA Jump Rope



USA Jump Rope All-Star Application

for the 2020-2021 All-Star Team

Once again, the ultimate jump rope challenge has arrived. The time has arrived to make a commitment to test your talents.

The USA Jump Rope All-Star Committee with the support of the USA Jump Rope Board of Directors is excited to extend the opportunity for qualified jumpers to try-out for the USAJR All-Star Team. There is a lot of information included in this application, so please read closely and use your check-list provided to make sure you don’t miss anything.

What is the USAJR All Star Team? The USAJR All-Star Team is comprised of highly skilled jumpers of a variety of ages and diverse backgrounds. Team membership will last two years and members will perform and teach on a national and international level representing USAJR and the sport of jump rope.

 Applicants Must:

  • Be a current USAJR member
  • Be 15 years old as of 12/1/19
  • Be highly skilled in single rope, double dutch, wheel, and traveler routines
  • Have competed and placed in freestyle at the USAJR National Age Division Championships and Grand National Championship
  • Have workshop staff experience, demonstrating excellent leadership, teaching skills, and extensive knowledge of jump rope
  • Commit to the All-Star Team Policies which are defined in the All-Star handbook and can be obtained through the website.

Submit the following due by November 15, 2019:

  • Application Fee, $25 (non-refundable)
  • Two references; at least one from a present or former jump rope coach and the other from anyone of your choosing
  • Application submitted through Google Forms. Link will be emailed at the completion of this registration)
Included in the application:
  • Awards, Camps/Workshops, and Performance Acheivements - Awards, camps, and workshops that are entered onto your application should ONLY be awards from freestyle events at USAJR Nationals/Grand Nationals, Camps and Workshops.
  • Upload Color Photo/Headshot in .jpeg format, no larger than 10 MD
  • Essay
  • Skills video (list of skills is provided below)
  • Choreographed routine video (You will make up your own choreography to a piece of music we have selected for you. Details and requirements are listed below)

Application and reference letters will be submitted or sent directly to USA Jump Rope. Video upload information in included in the Application. 

 This year’s tryout will have overarching criteria of 50% athletic ability and 50% leadership, teaching and presentation ability. The tryouts will be handled as follows: a paper application which will highlight the applicant’s awards and service to jump rope, an essay, two references, and a list of non-jump rope accomplishments. In addition, the applicant will submit a video highlighting the applicant’s jumping abilities, and upload a choreographed routine to a piece of music provided by USA Jump Rope video once we have released it. All applicants will be evaluated and selected by the All-Star Committee be selected to the All-Star team.

 Reference Requirements:

It is very important that your references complete the reference form highlighting your strengths in the following areas: athletic ability, communication skills, teaching ability, leadership and teamwork. Please follow up with your references to make sure their letters are sent in by the November 15thdeadline. The letters can be mailed or sent via email to

 Skills Video Requirements:

Your video will be used to evaluate your jumping skills. It should include:

  • 30 second performance from a freestyle show
  • Choreographed single rope freestyle routine
  • 3 or 4-person double dutch skills showing proficiencies in both jumping and turning,
  • Left Mic
  • Right Mic
  • GIG – All 3 positions
  • MCL – All 3 positions
  • Frog in 4 counts - (hands down on 1, hold 2, whip 3, jump 4)
  • Push Up in 4 counts
  • Left TJ
  • Right TJ

 Choreographed Routine made up by YOU! 

You will need to visit the USA Jump Rope website ( and click on the tab “2020-2021 All-Star Tryout” and download the music piece.

If you are selected to the All-Star Team, you will be required to purchase airfare to the All-Star Retreat (scheduled March 2020 details to follow and pay the team fee of $100.) All-Stars’ on-site expenses such as housing, food and transportation will be provided by USAJR and Retreat Host Team. All future workshops and event expenses after the retreat will be covered by USA Jump Rope.

Important Dates and Deadlines

 November 15, 2019 - Application and Fee Due, the $25 application fee is non-refundable

 TBA - All-Star Retreat and Workshop

Thank you for your interest in the All-Star Team and the sport of Jump Rope!