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North Carolina Association of Floodplain Managers 


Wednesday, September 25, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT

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NCAFPM Webinar: From Bats to Geiger: A History of LiDAR-Enabling Technologies September 25, 2019 


Webinar title: From Bats to Geiger: A History of LiDAR-Enabling Technologies

When: September 25 (Wednesday) – noon to 1:00 PM

Presenter: Mr. Harold W. Rempel, III, CP,CMS-LiDAR, GISP, PP, SP, ESP Associates, Inc.

 Abstract -  A convergence of enabling technologies in the 1990’s gave birth to the first LiDAR topographic mapping systems used in the mapping industry. These technologies developed in parallel, for the most part, over a period of some 70 years. The concepts behind each technology, however, were present in the minds of humans as far back as the 1700’s. This informative presentation traces the lineage of each of the three critical technologies, Inertial Measurement Units, lasers, and the Global Positioning system. The critical intersection of these technologies is described as well as the operational premise of the LiDAR system as an man-made echolocation platform. The presentation wraps up with the state of LiDAR technology today and a brief Q&A session.

 Mr. Rempel is licensed as a Surveyor Photogrammetrist in Virginia and as a Professional Photogrammetrist in Oregon, and certified as an ASPRS  Photogrammetrist and ASPRS LiDAR Mapping Scientist. Mr. Rempel began his career as an intelligence analyst in the United States Marine Corps working with multiple, remote sensing technologies on national and tactical platforms. He was trained in remote sensing analysis and photogrammetry at the Defense Mapping Agency and various Department of Defense schools during his nine years of service.  After transitioning to the private sector in 1997, Mr. Rempel started as a stereo compiler on analytical stereo plotters and point transfer devices. Since 1997, he has served in a variety of positions including project coordinator, project manager, production manager for work on the first North Carolina statewide LiDAR program, director of project management, and operations manager. Mr. Rempel has been the senior geospatial manager at ESP Associates’ home office in Fort Mill, S.C. since 2013, and is currently managing the production of Geiger-mode LiDAR products for the latest phase of the North Carolina statewide mapping program. He has been instrumental in developing photogrammetric and LiDAR capabilities at ESP, and is assisting in the development of UAS processes.