Thursday, October 24, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM EDT
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Christopher Diienno 
American Society of Perfumers 
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An Evening of PAIRINGS 2019

This years edition was amazing!  Truely the main event of the year! Our multi Pairings of Food, Wine and Fragrance surely inspired your senses!  With new insights into the inspirations that drive our great perfumers. Our stars expressed their creations with passion and distinction. Our amazing new venue was mind blowing with spectacular views and service beyond compare.  Our sommelier Elizabeth, as always, brought a knowledge base and engaging presentation of the wines that enhanced the mood and gave great insight. Cudos to the Chef for the fantastic food!

See our Guest List Below!


Star Featured Perfumers

Vincent Kuczinski





American Society of Perfumers

I took my first steps in the fragrance industry at the age of 20 working as a lab tech at a fragrance company; a job that I loved and would expose me to what I was destined to become! I am and continue to be fascinated by the magic of perfumery! Perfumery is an incredible balance of art and chemistry; a journey that never ends; it is always changing; always moving; always developing, and always looking for creativity! 
My Inspiration and Universe: 
I look to nature, music, science, food, and people for creative inspiration. However, the best motivation comes from within. 
Nature in all its glory; from all its beauty to all of its fury! There is nothing more inspiring than nature! 
Music of many varieties, from Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach to Country and the Beatles. 
All colors, particularly bright pastels. 
I like to explore in the kitchen; to experiment with different textures and flavors. 
I love my family; my wife; my children. They all keep me grounded! 
I love sports, especially baseball. 
My favorite flower is the orchid because each orchid is unique. 
Current role: Vice-President. Senior Perfumer at MANE USA 


Guillaume Flavigny





American Society of Perfumers

"It is important for a perfume to have volume, rhythm, depth and of course a story."

“When I was young, I wondered why do we learn to read in school, but never study the alphabet of scents?” says Guillaume Flavigny. He decided to cultivate his own and eventually entered the world of professional perfumery, where his thoughtful, intellectual approach developed further. His sensitivity to scents goes hand in hand with an appreciation for art and music and the ability to find beauty in a variety of contexts--the smoky taste of whisky, the rich color of Japanese ink or the melodic angularities of jazz. Guillaume synthesizes his diverse inspirations into a style that is personal, passionate, original and a little bit provocative.

Delphine Perdon Rupnow


Bell Flavor and Fragrances



American Society of Perfumers



Delphine Perdon Rupnow was born in France and spent her early childhood near the Alps, where the abundance of natural herbs, wild berries, woods and flowers shaped her formative years.  This exposure to Nature’s herb garden ignited her olfactive curiosity and her passion for scents grew as she went on to earn two Master’s Degrees: the first in Organic Chemistry at the University of Versailles, and the second one in Flavors and Fragrances at the University of Montpellier.  


With an international focus and a strong technical background, Delphine has worked and trained at various companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Takasago, in France, and Sillage Aromatique (which became Bell Flavors & Fragrances SEA), in Singapore. She is now part of the Perfumers’ team at Bell in the Chicago.

Inspirations: ‘I am inspired by the emotional memories from my childhood in France: the scent of Kenzo ‘Parfum d’ete’ floral and musky sillage on my mother’s skin, the green, earthy and penetrating odor of nature at night in the countryside, and the gourmand smell of a fresh baguette with butter, jam and a warm cup of coffee. Travelling the world to discover new cultures, scents and cuisines is also a big part of my inspiration, bringing all kinds of new scents to my collection of olfactive references at each step. I am amazed to see how odors can transport one back into a specific location or period of life, just like a time machine.’ 

Co-Host and Renowned Sommelier

Elizabeth Schneider

Certified Wine Sommelier
Wine for Normal People

After graduating from Wesleyan University, Elizabeth Schneider realized her heart was more in her hobby than her high-tech job. She took a course to learn to taste and appreciate wine, earned her MBA from the University of North Carolina, and embarked on a new career. Schneider is certified as a Sommelier (Court of Master Sommeliers), a Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators) and has worked for the largest winery in the world, launching several successful brands and co-authoring an acclaimed training program for restaurant servers. She hosts an international, award-winning podcast, "Wine for Normal People,” and currently is writing Wine For Normal People, a book exploring wine fundamentals.

Co-Host and Perfumer

Christopher Diienno


MOCA Fragrances



American Society of Perfumers

Currently consulting with his company MOCA Fragrances, Christopher’s passion runs deep for the expression of beautiful fragrance. Diienno's career as a Senior Perfumer with top tier fragrance companies has been curated through working with some of the most renowned and accomplished perfumers, houses and clients in the industry.

He is a native of Southern California and later moved and grew up in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area. After graduating from Rutgers College, he began his studies in fragrance with a passion for the art and an emphasis on science of perfumery. His deep love of aesthetics is what drives his creative spirit and inspires his approach to make beautiful scents.

Early in his career he concentrated on research and developed many ground breaking insights into the mystery of fragrance. He later expanded his talents into creative perfumery striving to bring a minimalist elegance to his work. His tenure at Givaudan-Roure, Quest, Givaudan and drom has given him great opportunity to do what he loves and has given him much pride in his creative work.  His new endeavor and formation of his own company MOCA, aspires to be a beacon of creative spirit and innovative application.

When he is not seeking new inspiration and fragrance directions he is spending time with his three loving children. Through his great working knowledge of fragrance creation, its development, construction and the experiential aspects associated with it, he hopes to foster a greater general awareness of the art of perfumery.

Featured Chef from





Our Guest List


Dulce Almario

Jen Alonso

Pamela Angeles

Jeff Arway

Pamela Asplund

Bob Bagnato

Raymond Bally

Joanne Benincasa

Andrea Bifulco

Samantha Biscardi Cruz

Xavier Blaizot

Jason Boland

Lisa Bouldin O'Brien

Michelle Bruckmann

Dana Bruno

Paula Cantuaria

Jordi Castells

Richard Cerniglia

Mark Chaipperino

Thomas Charmont

Michel Chauvin

Gary Chavers

Stephen Chung

Michelle Correa

Lauren Currenti

Charlene Deegan-Calello

Steve Dente

Christopher Diienno

Lucie Ducrocq

Glen Edwards

Ingrid Fernandez

Guillaume Flavigny

Andelise Fallu Flavigny

Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Jennifer Follari

Gail Regina Fowler

Joerg Fricke

Ben Fundaro

Marie Garcia

Sophia Gillio

Mark Hardy

Janice Hart

Jennifer Healey

Ashley Hofmann

Ji-Hee Hong

Carolyn Jennings

Aida Karagic

Yara Karmiloff de Newbery

Frederick Keifer

James Krivda

Catherine Kuczinski

Vincent Kuczinski

Michael Lankin

Christophe Laudamiel

Arielle Le Beau

Jillian Leigh

Ketrin Leka

Erica Lermond

Tara Lermond

Michael Long

Rachel Luteran

Joan Marrinan

Caitlin McAndrews

Jessica Musco

Kenny Nolasco

Irwin Nessanbaum

Lionel Nesbitt

Ana Nouel

Alex Nunez

Andy O'Shea

Chelsey Owens

Joseph Pagliuco

John Pascale

Seth Pasternack

Gus Romero

Delphine Perdon Rupnow

Tiana Perez

Alessandra Piana

Maria Prior

Bibi Prival

Kaleigh Prokop

Ashley Rechtin

Tathiana Remick

Loralyn Riccardi

Gus Romero

Glenn Sabat

Laura Salley

Maria Salvant

Elizabeth Schneider

Jim Schmitt

Duff Scott

Robert Siegel

Elena Solovyov

Antonio Stracuzzi

Dana Steinfeld

Leslie-Anne Sternick

Ralf Schwieger

Florie Tanquerel

Violet Zar

Odila Zocca



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